Bone Anchored Hearing Systems

Ponto 3 evidence

Impact beyond better hearing

Ground-breaking research1,2,3 shows how the choice of system and sound processor will impact the user's everyday life. 

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    A well-proven method

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  • Oticon Medical - quality and safety

    Quality and safety

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  • Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery — MIPS

    Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery — MIPS

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  • Ponto BHX implant

    Ponto BHX Implant

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  • Clinical results of the bone anchored hearing systems

    Clinical results

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  • Clinical publications on the Ponto system

    Clinical publications

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  • CEU courses

    CEU courses

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1. Pittman, A. Bone conduction amplification in children: Stimulation via a percutaneous abutment vs. a transcutaneous softband. Ear Hear (in press).
2. Lunner, T. et al. (2016). Using Speech Recall in Hearing Aid Fitting and Outcome Evaluation Under Ecological Test Conditions. Ear Hear 37 Suppl 1: 145S-154S.
3. Bianchi, F. et al. Benefit of higher maximum force output on listening effort in bone-anchored hearing system users: a pupillometry study. Ear Hear (In press).
Depending on patient indication the perceived benefit may vary.