Ponto – Enabling Clinical Efficiency

Minimal procedure.
Maximum flexibility

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    Made for local anaesthetic

    Did you know that between 85%-90% of all adult Ponto patients can receive their implant under local anaesthetic? This can shorten the time spent in clinic and reduce the staffing and OR costs.*

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    Flexibility in the surgical setting

    A Ponto procedure is nowadays one of the least invasive hearing related surgeries. This allows for flexible surgical settings and the possibility to free up main theatres, while still helping your Ponto patients.

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    Monitor from a distance

    Aftercare is an integral part of any procedure. Often with Ponto, this can be managed from a distance, lowering the burden on the patient and hospital system.


Made for local anaesthetic

In most adults a Ponto procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic, which means they suffer fewer post-operative complications, can mobilise quicker and spend less time in the clinic.

Rupan Banga, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham talks about how this has changed the experience for the patient and improved the work processes for her team.

Being able to avoid a general anaesthetic is always going to be a good thing


Flexibility in the surgical setting

By moving Ponto patients into a smaller sterile setting, you can achieve simplicity and savings, whilst maintaining safety.

David Morris, Consultant Paediatric and Adult Neuro-Otologist from Dalhousie University Hospital Halifax talks about the benefits of performing the procedure under local anesthetic.

One was reassured of the safety of the procedure while maintaining the same outcome.


Monitor from a distance

The Ponto Care app provides relevant information about the bone anchored hearing system (BAHS) treatment, allows patients to check their site by taking photos with the smart camera, and track their hearing experiences in the digital diary.

Theresa Frawley, Advanced nurse practitioner, Midland Hospital Tullamore, Ireland explains how she uses the app in her work.

It has allowed me to focus my conversations, to address issues that matter to the patient without compromising on their outcomes.

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The latest knowledge for you


Moving from general to local anaesthesia

In this short e-learning session discover what you should consider when moving a Ponto procedure from general to local anaesthesia, and some of the benefits it can bring.


Sterilisation and disinfection

This e-learning session describes the most important aspects of sterilisation and disinfection of surgical tools.


Preparations for surgery

This e-learning session describes how to prepare both the OR/treatment room and the patient for a Ponto procedure.



This e-learning session describes how to use the Ponto Care Kit and the Ponto Care app to take care of the abutment in the post-surgical period and beyond.

* Sardiwalla, Y., Jufas, N. & Morris, D.P. Direct cost comparison of minimally invasive punch technique versus traditional approaches for percutaneous bone anchored hearing devices. J of Otolaryngol - Head & Neck Surg 46, 46 (2017).