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    Find out which hearing solutions can help overcome different types of hearing loss.

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    The Ponto System

    Find out how bone conduction works, and how it has helped thousands of people to enjoy the sounds in their life.

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    Journey & Counseling

    Whether you're a hearing care professional or a candidate exploring the possibilities of a bone anchored hearing system (BAHS), visit bahsjourney.com to access our useful tools and resources that can support and guide you.


Sentio™ System

Feel it to believe it

Experience the world with the Sentio System. Small, light, and powerful transcutaneous system with remarkable sound quality.

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Bone conduction

Powerful sound to the brain

The world’s smallest sound processor is still a Ponto.
Ponto 5 is packed with new technology that immerses you in premium sound. 

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Upgrade your Ponto

The SuperPower you’ve been waiting for

The Ponto 5 SuperPower delivers what you know and love about Ponto – now with more sound, a smaller size and all the power. 

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Ponto for children

Open up your child’s world of hearing

Give your child the powerful, premium Ponto sound experience — with no surgery involved. 

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Safe for MRI scans

With the new Neuro Zti 3T✓ cochlear implant from Oticon Medical, you can have the MRI scans you need without worrying about your cochlear implant.

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We are here to support you

Do you need online support, new batteries or are you perhaps waiting for surgery? 

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Implant solutions for children and adults

Our cochlear implant and bone conduction hearing solutions are used by adults and children of all ages to help them overcome hearing loss at school, at work and in social situations.

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Talk to your audiologist to find out about upgrades

Your audiologist can tell you about the upgrade process for your Ponto or Neuro sound processor, as well as any insurance or cost issues.

Find your local clinic

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Update on Oticon Medical BAHS and Ponto

21. May 2024
Following the sale of our Cochlear Implant business we would like to reassure you that Oticon Medical will continue to develop bone-anchored hearing aids and provide support to our Ponto patients.

Good Vibrations 2024

22. April 2024
May 3rd Oticon Medical is celebrating Bone Anchored Awareness Day.

Oticon Medical Announces Launch of Ponto 5 SuperPower

31. March 2022
The first 65 dB Processor with Open Sound Experience and No Audible Feedback.

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