Ponto 5

Open up your child’s world

When your child has a hearing loss, early access to clear, high-quality sound can give them better conditions to learn and grow – and to engage with life’s great opportunities.

Every new sound is a gift

Children learn and grow by absorbing everyday input from the world around them – including sounds. If your child has conductive hearing loss, a bone conduction solution that provides access to more sounds can help ensure they don't miss out. Find out if Ponto 5 could be the right solution for your child’s hearing loss.

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A great head start

Choosing the most appropriate treatment can help your child get the best start for their language development. Ponto 5 provides outstanding conditions for this – with proven benefits.


Breakthrough fuller sound

By providing your child access to their full 360° soundscape using groundbreaking technology, Ponto 5 supports the way the brain naturally makes sense of sound.1,2   


Sound without surgery

With Ponto, your child can get powerful, premium sound quality – with or without surgery. Find out about non-surgical options to get your child started on their journey to better hearing.


Helping your child thrive

We’re here to support you and your child throughout their entire journey. With reliability you can count on, connectivity options to help make everyday life easier, and so much more.


She feels a better quality of hearing like she’s hearing naturally and not through an aid.

- Amy, mother of Poppy, Ponto 5 Mini user, UK

of what children learn comes through incidental learning3 when they absorb sounds and other everyday input from their surroundings.


Language, learning and just being a child

From the playground to the classroom, Ponto 5 gives your child access to breakthrough fuller sound input. So they can focus on more opportunities to play, learn and participate – now and in the future.

Support for learning

Early access to sound is a cornerstone of speech and language learning. With Ponto 5, your child gets access to sounds and speech from all around them – continually analysed and optimally balanced even in noisy situations. Giving them a great foundation for their own language development.

Better speech understanding* 

Your child’s brain is their natural sound filter. It turns sound into meaning and decides which sounds are important. Ponto 5 provides outstanding conditions for your child’s brain to do its job. And the results speak for themselves with significantly improved speech understanding* and reduced listening effort.** 


Fully immersed in premium sound

Traditional hearing technology for children can risk making your child feel cut off from their surroundings – or overwhelmed by noise. Ponto 5 takes a different approach. It continuously adjusts to give your child full access to clear sounds and speech from all around them.

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    Empowerment all around

    Ponto 5 combines pioneering technologies that open up your child’s full 360° soundscape. It reduces disruptive noise extremely fast, even in between words – and has the power to detect speech from noise while preserving relevant environmental sounds. This empowers your child to decide what to focus on.

    Learn about OpenSound Navigator

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    Stable and consistent sound

    When something comes very close to a traditional sound processor, it can cause annoying whistling sounds called feedback. A technological first in Ponto 5 stops audible feedback before it occurs.So your child gets more stable sound4 – and can even give someone a hug without worrying about distortion.


    Learn about OpenSound Optimizer

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    Connect to their digital world

    For children with hearing loss, connectivity options can help make everyday life easier. Ponto 5 connects wirelessly to modern smartphones and offers a wide range of apps and accessories that make it easier to take part in school, enjoy entertainment and have fun with friends.



    Read about apps and accessories


Premium sound without surgery

Your child can try a Ponto bone conduction hearing solution without any surgery. A Softband is a powerful way to get life-changing sound – suitable for children of all ages.

Try it before you decide

The Softband 5 provides outstanding sound transmission and a quality design for comfortable all-day use. It comes in two adjustable sizes for a snug and tailored fit – with eight colour choices.

Explore the Softband 5


Small procedures when you're ready

No parent likes to consider a surgical procedure for their child. But if your child is ready to move to an implant for even better sound, we'll be there for you every step of the way, with options for minimally invasive procedures and superior paediatric results.5

How to get a Ponto 




Made for childhood

All aspects of Ponto 5 have been designed for life’s big adventures.

When looks matter

Ponto features the smallest bone anchored sound processors available, including the world's smallest SuperPower. And with a range of colours - and decorative skins and stickers - you can match your child's style and personality.


Reliability you can count on

It’s undergone extensive testing, including drop tests, humidity and sweat tests, extreme temperature changes and exposure to water. And with a tamper-resistant battery drawer and LED indicator to monitor the processor status, you can be sure that Ponto 5 won’t let your child down.


Lifelong support

We're here for you through every step of your child's hearing journey. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you're ready to explore a Ponto solution for your child, please reach out to us.

Contact us anytime

Ready to start your journey to better hearing? Or do you just have questions? We’re always here to help you – both locally and globally. Click to find your local bone anchored or cochlear implant office. Or fill in this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


* Increased speech understanding when comparing performance with OpenSound Navigator ON relative to OpenSound Navigator OFF. Measured for the Ponto Mini style and Ponto 5 SuperPower style.6,7
** Increased speech understanding when comparing performance with OpenSound Navigator ON relative to OpenSound Navigator OFF. Measured for the Ponto Mini style6
For prescribed fittings, according to best practice and during normal use4

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