Upgrade to powerful sound

Your hearing needs can change over time. If you think you might be ready for an upgrade, Ponto 5 offers powerful technology proven to improve speech understanding* and reduce listening effort.**
And you can try it before you decide.

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Why try Ponto 5?

More sound from every direction

Access speech and sounds from your full 360° soundscape – even in noisy situations. For the awareness to focus on what you want. 

Feedback? Forget about it.

Now you can wear your favourite hat or get a hug without worrying about feedback. And get more consistent sound throughout your day.

Still the world's smallest

Ponto offers powerful sound in the smallest bone anchored processor sizes – including the world’s smallest SuperPower.

Easy connectivity

Connect to your digital world with direct streaming, smart accessories and unique apps – right at your fingertips.

No additional surgery

You can try out Ponto 5 on the abutment or Softband you already have. Choosing to upgrade requires no additional surgery or downtime.

Follow-up care from anywhere

Attend video appointments, get adjustments and even get fitted for upgrades. All online with the Oticon Companion App.


Ponto 5 SuperPower

Get more sound in a smaller size. Say goodbye to your streamer. Compare and see the benefits of upgrading from a Ponto 3 SuperPower to the Ponto 5 SuperPower.

Compare SuperPower benefits


Ponto 5 Mini

Experience the benefits of two open sound technologies – all still in the smallest size. Compare and see the benefits of upgrading from a Ponto 3 or Ponto 4 to the Ponto 5 Mini.

Compare Mini benefits 


You can try Ponto 5 on your Ponto abutment, current Softband or other compatible abutment system. 

Try the Ponto 5 now

Fill out this form and we will guide you in how to experience the Ponto 5 on a Softband, your Ponto abutment or other compatible abutment system.


* Increased speech understanding when comparing performance with Opensound Navigator ON relative to Opensound Navigator OFF. Measured for the Ponto Mini style and Ponto 5 SuperPower style.1,2  
** Measured for the Ponto Mini style1

1. Data on File at Oticon Medical - Clinical study BC102
2. Data on File at Oticon Medical - Clinical study BC109