Bone Bonding — the next level of osseointegration

With the new Ponto BHX Implant, the Ponto system offers even greater biomechanical fixation. It builds on the well-known benefits of the Wide Ponto implant by combining the high initial stability of proven OptiGrip™ geometry with a new laser-ablated surface, for fast and strong osseointegration.


Stronger than the bone itself

The new Ponto BHX Implant uses a Biohelix™ surface modification created by an oscillating laser beam. It has been shown that this new Biohelix™ surface increases the strength of the bone-to-implant interface by more than 150%, making it stronger than the bone itself. 

Using unique laser ablation technology that locally heats and melts the titanium at the root of the thread, the surface of the implant takes on a three-level surface topography. The resulting macro-, micro- and nanostructures are designed to match the topography of bone for improved bone bonding.


  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-macro


  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-micro


  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-nano


Bone structure

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-bone-structure-mature-bone

    Mature bone

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-bone-structure-Osteocyte


  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-bone-structure-Mineralized-bone

    Mineralised bone


In addition to the new Biohelix™ surface, the Ponto BHX Implant incorporates proven OptiGrip™ geometry. Used for four years in wide-diameter Ponto implants, this has been shown to create the highest initial stability of all bone anchored hearing implants. What’s more, the level of stability is maintained over time.

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-Ponto-BHX-Implant-3-mm

    Two-stage surgery

    Ponto BHX Implant, 3 mm

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-Ponto-BHX-Implant-4-mm

    Two-stage surgery

    Ponto BHX Implant, 4 mm

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-Ponto-BHX-Implant-3-mm-with-abutment-6-mm

    Single-stage surgery

    Ponto BHX Implant, 3 mm, with abutment, 6 mm

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-Ponto-BHX-Implant-3-mm-with-abutment-9-mm

    Single-stage surgery

    Ponto BHX Implant, 3 mm; with abutment, 9 mm

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-Ponto-BHX-Implant-4-mm-with-abutment-6-mm

    Single-stage surgery

    Ponto BHX Implant, 4 mm; with abutment, 6 mm

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-Ponto-BHX-Implant-4-mm-with-abutment-9-mm

    Single-stage surgery

    Ponto BHX Implant, 4 mm; with abutment, 9 mm

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-Ponto-BHX-Implant-4-mm-with-abutment-12-mm

    Single-stage surgery

    Ponto BHX Implant, 4 mm; with abutment, 12 mm

  • 310x310-BAHS-Bone-bonding-implant-Ponto-BHX-Implant-4-mm-with-abutment-14-mm

    Single-stage surgery

    Ponto BHX Implant, 4 mm, with abutment, 14 mm