Impact beyond better hearing

Ground-breaking research shows how the choice of system and sound processor will impact the user's everyday life. With the Ponto™ System more cognitive resources can be used for understanding, remembering and enjoying life.

At Oticon Medical, we call this BrainHearing™.  48x48-brainhearing


Learn faster1

Results show that children learn new words 2.5 x faster using a system with Direct Sound Transmission compared to a solution with Skin Transmission, such as a sound processor worn on a magnet or head band1.

1. Pittman, A. Bone conduction amplification in children: Stimulation via a percutaneous abutment vs. a transcutaneous softband. Ear Hear (in press).
Depending on patient indication the perceived benefit may vary.


Andrea Pittman, Associate Professor, Speech and Hearing Science (Arizona State University)

If we can give children a clearer, more comprehensive, signal they can learn much faster

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Remember more2

Direct Sound Transmission provides quality sound to support the brain’s cognitive processes. Results show that users with a Direct Sound Transmission system are 13% better at remembering words compared to users of a Skin Transmission solution2.

2. Lunner, T. et al. (2016). Using Speech Recall in Hearing Aid Fitting and Outcome Evaluation Under Ecological Test Conditions. Ear Hear 37 Suppl. 1: 145S-154S.
Depending on patient indication the perceived benefit may vary.


Thomas Lunner, Professor, Cognitive Hearing Science (Eriksholm Research Centre)

If you have a high-quality sound presented to the brain you remember more. So actually, you remember more with Direct Sound Transmission

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Less effort3

A bone anchored hearing device with a higher maximum output can transmit a larger range of less distorted sound to the brain. Results show that a significant decrease in listening effort can be achieved with the Ponto 3 SuperPower, as indicated by reduced pupil dilation3.

3. Bianchi, F. et al. Benefit of higher maximum force output on listening effort in bone-anchored hearing system users: a pupillometry study. Ear Hear (in press).
Depending on patient indication the perceived benefit may vary.


Federica Bianchi, PhD Clinical Scientist

By using the Ponto 3 SuperPower, we can reproduce a larger variety of input sound levels more naturally and the brain require significantly less effort to process the sounds

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Ponto 3 means powerful sound quality

Available in Ponto 3, Ponto 3 Power and Ponto 3 SuperPower versions, the Ponto 3 family enables more people - including those with a greater hearing loss - to enjoy the renowned Ponto sound.

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1. Pittman, A. L. (2019) Bone conduction amplification in children: Stimulation via a percutaneous abutment vs. a transcutaneous softband. Ear Hear. (In press).
2. Lunner, T., Rudner, M., Rosenbom, T., Ågren, J., and Ng, E.H.N (2016) Using Speech Recall in Hearing Aid Fitting and Outcome Evaluation Under Ecological Test Conditions. Ear Hear 37 Suppl. 1: 145S-154S.).
3. Bianchi, F., Wendt, D., Wassard, C., Maas, P., Lunner, T., Rosenbom, T., and Holmberg, M. (2019) Benefit of higher maximum force output on listening effort in bone-anchored hearing system users: a pupillometry study. Ear Hear.

Depending on patient indication the perceived benefit may vary.


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