MIPS - quick healing and great cosmetic outcomes

Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery — MIPS

Quick healing and great cosmetic outcomes.

MIPS — A new, minimally invasive surgery without sutures or scarring


For many people undergoing bone anchored hearing surgery, their post-surgical appearance can be a great concern. The new Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery has been designed to create the smallest incision possible to fit perfectly with the Ponto abutment. This removes the need for suturing, which means no scarring and quicker healing.

A truly minimal approach

MIPS surgery takes about 15 minutes and is normally carried out under local anaesthetic. A circular incision is made that matches the abutment exactly. The surgeon uses specially designed instruments for the procedure. This leaves the skin around the incision intact, with no skin tissue or hair follicles removed from around the abutment.

Improved cosmetic results

  • MIPS - 1 week post-op

    1 week post-op

  • MIPS - A minimally invasive surgery without sutures or scarring

    3 weeks post-op

Short healing period

As the soft tissue is preserved by creating only a small circular incision, the blood supply, micro-circulation and nerves are left as intact as possible, thereby shortening the healing period.

Who can benefit from MIPS?

Most adults can successfully undergo MIPS. Speak to your doctor for more details.


Why should you undergo MIPS surgery instead of other bone anchored hearing surgery procedures?

  • No scarring
    Thanks to the suture-free surgery, the risk of scarring is kept to a minimum.
  • Improved cosmetic appearance
    By making the smallest possible incision, hair follicles are left intact around the abutment, providing a discreet result. 
  • Minimised post-op complications
    MIPS leaves the soft tissue around the abutment with a full blood supply and the microcirculation and nerves intact. This is required for healthy skin.


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