Ponto System

Better sound. Efficient procedures. Proven results.


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Six reasons to choose the Ponto System

Premium sound quality with BrainHearing benefits

Minimally invasive procedures with remarkable outcomes

MRI with implant in place and minimal shadowing at 1.5T and 3T

Easy Softband trial option before life-changing decision

Renowned Ponto sound processor robustness and reliability

Support made easy with RemoteCare


Five ways Ponto 5 can benefit your patients

  • 360° access to their full soundscape – With the always-open approach of the patented OpenSound Navigator 
  • Breakthrough feedback prevention – The unique OpenSound Optimizer detects and prevents audible feedback so you can fit users with more stable gain
  • Follow-up care from anywhere – With the unique Oticon RemoteCare platform
  • Easy connectivity and direct streaming – Keep them connected to their digital world
  • No compromise on size or power – Still with the world’s smallest bone anchored processors

Compare Ponto sound processors


Compare SuperPowers

More sound. Smaller size. All the power. For the first time, revolutionary open sound technology is available in a bone anchored SuperPower device.

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Compare Minis

Fit users with extra stable gain. Ponto 5 cracks the code on feedback prevention without compromising on the dynamics of sound.

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More sound for better outcomes

Our solutions are based on groundbreaking technology founded on our BrainHearing philosophy, because research shows that the brain needs the full picture to make sense of sound.2,3 The open sound technologies in Ponto 5 have been proven to significantly improve speech understanding* and reduce listening effort.**

Optimised output – better clarity


SuperPower output across the entire bandwidth provides access to an increased dynamic range. For better sound quality and clarity.

Uncompromised gain – better audibility


In quiet environments and for soft sounds, both Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 5 SuperPower deliver.


Minimally invasive procedures

Becoming a Ponto user has never been easier. The groundbreaking MIPS and MONO procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic in a matter of minutes. They offer excellent aesthetic outcomes, fast recovery and minimal complications – and result in an improved quality of life.4,5,6

How to enable clinical efficiency

of all users report an increased quality of life after Ponto surgery6

of follow-up visits, no skin-related aftercare treatment is needed6

implant survival rate with Ponto implants6


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Non-clinical testing has demonstrated that the Ponto Implant System is MR Conditional. A patient with this device can be safely scanned in a static magnetic resonance field of 1.5T and 3T only in an MR system meeting the conditions stated in Ponto Implant System accompanying documentation.
For prescribed fittings, according to best practice and during normal use1
* Increased speech understanding when comparing performance with OpenSound Navigator ON relative to OpenSound Navigator OFF. Measured for the Ponto Mini style and Ponto 5 SuperPower style.7,8
** Increased speech understanding when comparing performance with OpenSound Navigator ON relative to OpenSound Navigator OFF. Measured for the Ponto Mini style7
For indications and patient selection criteria, please refer to Ponto Candidacy Guide, Surgical Manual and Surgical Manual Addenda.

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