Achieving success with hearing with Neuro 2

Achieving success with hearing

Many cochlear implant users remember their first experiences with their sound processor as the start of the journey towards hearing sound. Once you have the sound processor, you will need to take part in fitting sessions and speech therapy to learn to hear with your cochlear implant system. Children in particular rely on support from their family to develop speech and language skills.


My audiologist explained to me that it would take some time and a lot of effort, and I would gradually get used to all the new sounds. I train with the audiologist. Now it’s going great, but in the beginning, it was tough


Activation, rehabilitation and ajusting - achieving succes with hearing

Your first sounds

To be able to hear sound, the sound processor needs to be put on and adjusted to your listening needs. This happens once the implant has healed. Oticon Medical’s fitting solutions make it easy for audiologists to customise your sound processor.

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To get the best results from your cochlear implant, you must take part in regular speech therapy sessions.

The importance of speech therapy

To get the best results from your cochlear implant, you must take part in regular speech therapy sessions. Their duration will depend on your type of hearing loss, age and level of motivation.

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I was born completely deaf, and I was in my twenties when I received my CI, so rehabilitation for me involved a lot of speech therapy and took quite a long time. But it was worth it.


Neuro 2 is suitable for children

Children’s learning

A child’s brain has to get used to the new stimulation generated by the implant. Speech therapy and support from your audiologist will help your child adjust to this new way of hearing so they can begin to develop language skills.

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It’s like a rebirth when your child says his first words and looks back at you when you say his name. It’s fantastic.

Mother of Morgan

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