A cochlear implant can change your hearing – and your life

Cochlear implant solutions have been described as a modern miracle. The implant can replace the function of the damaged ear and open up the world of sound.

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Designed to overcome severe hearing loss

A cochlear implant solution, like the Neuro System, can be used by children and adults suffering from sensorineural hearing loss, on one or on both sides. If you have found that you are unable to get the level of hearing you need from a conventional hearing aid, the Neuro System may be the right solution for you.

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Enter the world of sound

Thousands of adults and children around the world rely on a cochlear implant in their daily life. A cochlear implant will never restore your natural hearing, but it can allow you to understand speech in different listening environments, enjoy music and hear a wide variety of sounds.

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The cochlear implant had a huge impact on my mental well-being. I insist on wearing my sound processor all the time

Karin, Neuro System user


Hearing is the cornerstone of speech development

Hearing is an important part of communicating, making friends, feeling secure and independant. A cochlear implant solution can help children to develop speech and take part in the regular educational system. Your audiologist can assess if your child is a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant.

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A safe and proven choice for hearing

The Neuro One sound processor which is part of the Neuro System, has been designed to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. It meets the highest standards of safety and delivers the performance you need – whether you’re running in the park, talking on phone or at a social event.

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A century of hearing expertise in every implant

The Neuro System is the first cochlear implant system from Oticon Medical, one of the world’s leading health care companies. It combines decades of experience in cochlear implant technology with over a century of hearing expertise.

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Better understanding comes in two parts

The Neuro System consists of an external and an internal part. The implant is surgically inserted behind your ear. Once this has healed, your audiologist will fit the sound processor. This is worn on the ear and connects to the antenna held in place above the implant by a magnet.

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Wirelessly connect to your favourite devices

Using Bluetooth technologies, you can connect your Neuro One sound processor to your mobile phone, television, computer and other devices. Once connected, you can enjoy the sound streamed straight to your sound processor.

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