More sound to the brain

Ponto 5 Mini

The world’s smallest bone anchored sound processor is still a Ponto. It's packed with technology for even more sound


Ponto 5 Mini is the first style in our Ponto 5 family. 

With the introduction of the groundbreaking
OpenSound Navigator™, Oticon Medical changed how bone anchored hearing aid users experience complex hearing environments.

New state-of-the art clinical measurements show the impact of OpenSound Navigator™ with a significantly increased performance in speech understanding and lower listening effort1

Do you have patients who have not yet experienced the benefits of the open sound experience with OpenSound Navigator™ and OpenSound Optimizer™? 

Invite them to try the new Ponto 5 Mini.


Premium sound without audible feedback

Let your patients enjoy Premium Sound Quality with no audible feedback. Up until now, traditional feedback systems have only been able to overcome annoying whistling sounds by reducing gain and removing the dynamics of sound. While this certainly decreases feedback, it also reduces speech intelligibility2. The new OpenSound Optimizer™ in Ponto 5 Mini defies conventional technology with a new unique and patented approach to feedback management.


Fit patients with up to 6 dB more stable gain

Using the pioneering OpenSound Optimizer™ technology, sound is analysed 56,000 times per second to proactively predict and prevent feedback. With the risk of audible feedback removed, you can fit your patients with up to 6 dB more stable gain and allow them to enjoy the dynamics of sound all day long.3*

Fig. 1 This figure illustrates how previous generations of feedback management systems handle feedback by significantly reducing gain throughout the day.


* When measured on Ponto 5 Mini


Fit patients remotely with ease

Meet your Ponto 5 Mini users virtually with the Oticon RemoteCare online platform. Users can log in from the comfort of their own home using the RemoteCare App and you can carry out adjustments to their sound processor remotely via the online platform.

This makes appointments more convenient and lets you make adjustments based on your patients’ real-life situations.

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Ponto 5 Mini features BrainHearing™ technologies to create an open sound environment that gives the brain access to the full soundscape. 

Instead of using conventional directionality to focus on the speaker, the high-speed precision of the OpenSound Navigator™ technology opens up a 360-degree soundscape. This gives the user access to sounds from all directions so they may be able to feel more connected with their environment.



More than 20% better speech understanding

The open sound environment created by the OpenSound Navigator™ in Ponto 5 Mini has been proven to improve speech understanding by more than 20%.


Less listening effort

Pupillometry tests carried out on the OpenSound Navigator™ used in Ponto 5 Mini showed overall pupil dilation was reduced by 36%. In listening tests, pupil dilation reflects the effort needed to understand sound: the larger the pupil, the greater the effort. 

Read more about BrainHearing™ 

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All users want their sound processor to be discreet. Ponto 5 Mini combines discretion with the high quality, reliability and durability that are synonymous with a Ponto. 

A Ponto 5 Mini for all styles and personalities


Ponto 5 Mini sound processors

The Ponto 5 Mini comes in a wide range of different colours to blend in with your patient's hair.


 Sound processor skins and stickers

Your patients can add a personal style with one of the colourful skins and stickers.

Compare Ponto sound processors

Ponto sound processors are available in a range of models. The Ponto comparison chart makes it easy for you to compare their features and benefits to find the Ponto that’s right for your patient.

Download the Ponto comparison chart

Staying connected is a must in today’s digital world. Ponto 5 Mini makes this easy with accessories, apps and in-built technologies that let users connect to their favorite devices.

  • Oticon On App

    The Oticon ON App is a convenient way to control the Ponto 5 Mini sound processor from a smart phone. The app lets your patient adjust the volume, switch programmes and get low battery alerts. Your patient will be able to access a wealth of self help tools, find my hearing aid, turn on OpenSound Booster, set goals for themselves and their hearing and much more.

    Download the Oticon ON App


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  • ConnectClip

    The ConnectClip is hassle-free connectivity to any modern smartphone, instantly turning the sound processor into high quality headphones. What’s more, with the ConnectClip, you can connect the Ponto 5 Mini to a wide range of devices via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy technology for hands-free streaming.


    How to pair your ConnectClip



    Watch how to pair the ConnectClip

  • EduMic

    EduMic is a wireless remote microphone system to support both adults and children for meetings, sports or in the classroom. It is ideal when a person is speaking from far away, or if a voice is struggling to cut through noise. EduMic clips onto clothes and can send a speaker’s voice directly to the sound processor. It can also provide FM, telecoil and jack functionality. 


    Instructions for use

    Troubleshooting Guide



    Watch how to pair the EduMic

  • TV adapter

    The TV Adapter enables your patient to connect to their TV wirelessly and adjust the sound level without affecting the volume for others.


    Download the Instructions for Use

    See guide on how to pair the TV Adapter


  • Phone adapter

    The landline phone solution in conjunction with the ConnectClip supports a patient in both incoming and outgoing phone calls.  


    Download Instructions for Use



  • 11 core processors 
  • 500 million instructions per second (MIPS) 
  • 1,200 million operations per second (MOPS)
  • 56,000 measurements of the hearing environment per second 
  • 64 frequency channels
  • 113 dB SPL upper limit input range
  • Patented feedback prevention
  • Ultra-fast noise reduction with up to 500 measurements per second

1. Manuscript in preparation, Data on File - Clinical study BC102   
2. Callaway, 2019. Introduction to OpenSound Optimizer™. Oticon Whitepaper
3. Data on File at Oticon Medical