Medical education for healthcare professionals

Education and training

The Oticon Medical Academy (Academy) offers a wide range of educational opportunities within hearing implants: Expert meet expert, individual training sessions, surgical courses, e-learning webinar library and much more – both within Cochlear Implant Systems and Bone Anchored Hearing Systems.

Whether you are an ENT surgeon, audiologist, clinician, or other professional working in the field of hearing loss, the Academy can support you. The Academy is designed to offer differentiated medical educational opportunities – for whichever level you require.



E-learning webinar library

Our global e-learning library has a broad selection of topics. So, whether you are interested in the unique benefits of our product systems or looking for information on candidacy, aftercare, connectivity, or something else, you can find it in the library. All our webinars are free of charge and accessible from your computer, mobile or tablet. 

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We are committed to further educating and training hearing care professionals in surgical techniques – both within Cochlear Implant Systems and Bone Anchored Hearing Systems.


Collaboration with experts

We collaborate and work closely with some of the world’s leading Cochlear Implant experts and centres. Together, we continuously aim to provide access to the latest technology, insights, and surgical techniques to give our partners the best possible training and know-how.

We have designed our surgical
courses to enable you to:


Practise and exercise unique hands-on 
    training in “T-bone lab”

Gain access to attend live Cochlear Implant and 
    Bone Anchored Hearing System operations

Debate and discuss difficult surgical cases 
    with leading hearing experts

Network and share knowledge with peers 
    and leading industry experts

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We want to help audiologists and clinical hearing specialists enhance and finetune their clinical skills to provide the best clinical treatment for their patients.


Audiology training

Audiology training is hosted at Oticon Medical headquarters sites and managed by experts in the field. The training is focused on a holistic view: from research and evidence to rehabilitation and living with a hearing loss.


We also offer local training to our partners and other hearing care professionals in our Cochlear Implant Systems and Bone Anchored Hearing Systems.


Tailormade sessions

We offer sessions for smaller groups or individuals who would like to further develop the competencies needed in their daily work with implantable hearing technology. Whether you are a surgeon, an audiologist, a clinician, or another professional working in the field of hearing loss, Oticon Medical is here to support you.


To learn more, we encourage you to click through our different education and training offerings or contact your local Oticon Medical representative for more information. 

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