Is a cochlear implant system right for me?

If you suffer from moderate to profound hearing loss in one or both ears caused by problems with the inner ear or nerve pathways, a cochlear implant solution like Neuro may be able to help. This type of hearing loss is often referred to as sensorineural hearing loss.

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Suitable for children and adults of all ages

A cochlear implant solution can be used by both children and adults. For children, early cochlear implantation is recommended, as hearing plays a large role in developing language. For adults, there is generally no upper age limit for cochlear implantation. 

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One cochlear implant or two

One cochlear implant or two?

Cochlear implantation can be used if you suffer from hearing loss in one ear (single-sided) or both ears (bilateral). If you are deaf in both ears, having two implants improves the ability to locate sound and makes it easier to understand speech in noisy environments. 

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I am completely satisfied with my cochlear implant. I couldn’t hear anything before. The first sounds I heard were wonderful.

Thierry, cochlear implant user

Bypasses the damaged part of the ear

Unlike conventional hearing aids that simply amplify sound, a cochlear implant can actually bypass the damaged part of the inner ear. It does this by transforming sounds into electrical signals that are sent directly to the auditory nerve and on to the brain, where they are heard as sound.

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Restore sound to your life

Although a cochlear implant can never restore natural hearing, it can open up the world of sound so that you can understand speech and take part in everyday activities like school and work. If you are considering a cochlear implant, please be aware that you will need to take part in speech therapy and rehabilitation sessions following implantation.

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Talk to your audiologist

Talk to your audiologist

If you think a cochlear implant is the right solution for you or your loved one, you should talk to your audiologist. They will test your hearing to see whether you are a suitable candidate.

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