Meet other cochlear implant users 

Find out how cochlear implants have changed people’s lives by reading their stories and watching video testimonials. If you have a cochlear implant and want to share your experience, please get in touch.

  • 310x310-ci-meet-bill

    Meet Bill

    Bill´s hearing loss was affecting his precious family time. With the Neuro 2, he can focus on the things that matters most; singing with his wife and reading to his grandchildren.

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  • 310x310-ci-meet-kelly

    Meet Kelly

    When Kelly´s hearing aids were no longer helping, she turned to a cochlear implant. After receiving the Neuro 2, she is looking forward to watching her favourite films again and attending stand-up comedy.

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  • 310x310-ci-meet-linda

    Meet Linda

    Linda is a mother and a gradmother who lived with a hearing loss since she was young. Now, with a cochlear implant she's able to hear sounds she hasn't heard in a long time.

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  • 310x310-ci-meet-patricia

    Meet Patricia

    Patricia suffered with hearing loss for years. As a result, her confidence was at an all time low. After receiving the Neuro 2, she has improved hearing and has regained a level of independence she hasn´t had for years.

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  • 310x310-ci-meet-sandra

    Meet Sandra

    Sandra suffered sudden deafness twice and lost hearing on both ears. Today Sandra has a Neuro 2 and can once again participate in life and enjoy her youth. 

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  • 310x310-ci-meet-michael

    Meet Michael

    Michael was born with a hearing loss which got worse as the years went by. As an adult he went almost deaf. Today Michael has a Neuro 2 and can enjoy the two things he loves most; spending time with his family and teaching. 

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  • 310x310-ci-meet-tina

    Meet Tina

    Tina has both a CI and a BAHS. She lost much of her hearing because of Ménière's disease. First she got a CI on the right side and now she also has a BAHS on the left side. Today she can enjoy all the many sounds of the world again.

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  • 310x310-ci-meet-alberto-rossi

    Meet Alberto

    Now I feel part of what’s going on
    Alberto became deaf when he was only 21 old. He lived with no hearing for 59 years – feeling left out in many situations. In the age of 80 he got a Cochlear Implant and today he feels included again.

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  • 310x310-ci-meet-antonia-oritz

    Meet Antonia

    Now Antonia can hear her grandson
    Antonia gradually began to lose her hearing at the age of twenty-six. After she became deaf she felt like a piece of furniture for many years. After getting her Neuro implant Antonia can understand and participate in conversations and express her opinions. And the best things of all she can hear her grandson.

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  • Meet Yolanda - an Oticon Medical cochlear implant user

    Meet Yolanda

    The Neuro gave me back my life in an instant
    Because of Otosclerosis Yolanda began to lose her hearing when she was twenty-three. Today she can hear when people speak to her again. She can interact with people. And really smile from the bottom of her heart again.

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  • Meet Karin - a cochlear implant user

    Meet Karin

    A 72-year-old retired sociologist who struggled to hear her grandchildren, but who is taking huge steps towards better hearing with her new Neuro cochlear implant system.
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  • Meet Josenilson - a cochlear implant user

    Meet Josenilson

    Josenilson Nunes Pessoa is a 34-year-old blind Brazilian man with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss. Josenilson was fitted with the Oticon Medical Saphyr® neo.

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  • Meet Samia - a cochlear implant user

    Meet Samia

    A 38-year-old marketing project manager who now has the confidence to pick up a call with her Saphyr® neo collection.

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  • Meet Thierry - a cochlear implant user

    Meet Thierry

    A 48-year old, very active athlete suffering from neurosarcoidosis. Thierry was implanted in 2005 and has had no regrets since.

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  • Watch Saphyr Neo testimonials

    Saphyr® neo collection: Testimonials

    This video shows testimonials from cochlear implant users who are happy with their Saphyr® neo collection sound processor from Oticon Medical. 

    Filmed directly in a hospital setting. Real people, real lives, real experiences.


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  • Meet Madlen - a cochlear implant user

    Meet Madlen

    35-year-old Madlen is giving us a peek into some of the biggest changes she has experienced since having her cochlear implant.


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  • Meet Vi - a cochlear implant user

    Meet Vi

    Ray Flatt hopes he can soon take his wife, Vi, dancing again.
    "It's hard to dance to the music you can't hear," Ray said. In August, the Regina Beach, became the first person in North America to have a Neuro System cochlear implant surgery.

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  • Meet Kurt - an Oticon Medical cochlear implant user

    Meet Kurt

    Shortly after having received his Cochlear Implant, Kurt was able to hear the important sounds again.

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  • Meet Juul - an Oticon Medical cochlear implant user

    Meet Juul

    At the age of 30, Juul from The Netherlands, suddenly became bilaterally deaf. She was very fast assisted with the Neuro Zti implant and the Neuro sound processor.

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  • Meet Yves - an Oticon Medical cochlear implant user

    Meet Yves

    Suddenly Yves lost his hearing on both ears. He got some of the hearing back, but gradually it went away again.

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