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  • Update on Oticon Medical BAHS and Ponto

    21. May 2024
  • May 3rd is Good Vibrations Day | Bone Anchored Awareness Day

    22. April 2024
  • Update on the change of ownership of Oticon Medical

    28. June 2023
  • Update on the change of ownership of Oticon Medical

    25. April 2023
  • Announcing the Third Annual Good Vibrations Day | Bone Anchored Awareness Day

    24. April 2023
  • Demant announces intention to divest Oticon Medical while ensuring lifelong support of existing patients

    Copenhagen (Updated November 15, 2022)
    27. April 2022

    Oticon Medical’s parent company Demant has decided to discontinue its hearing implants business.

  • Oticon Medical Announces Launch of Ponto 5 SuperPower

    31. March 2022

    First 65 dB Processor with Open Sound Experience and No Audible Feedback

  • Good Vibrations | Bone Anchored Awareness Day

    5. April 2022

    We’re feeling the Good Vibrations for this May 3rd which marks Bone Anchored Awareness Day

  • Introducing the first style in the Ponto 5 family

    1. September 2021
  • Oticon Medical Announces Launch of the Neuro Zti MRI 3T Implant

    16. August 2021
  • Oticon Medical Announces FDA Premarket Approval for Neuro Cochlear Implant System to Treat Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

    24. June 2021

    Oticon Medical today announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted premarket approval (PMA) to the company’s Neuro System.

  • Good Vibrations

    14. April 2021

    May 3rd will be the first ever annual Bone Anchored Awareness Day.
    Oticon Medical initiates this annually recurring awareness day “Good Vibrations” to celebrate bone anchored hearing as a treatment and to create more awareness about this treatment. 

  • Hearing implant organisations welcome landmark consensus on a minimum standard of care for treating adult hearing loss with a cochlear implant

    27. August 2020

    Oticon Medical is pleased to have been involved in the first ever global consensus on the use of cochlear implants as the minimum standard of care for adults with bilateral severe, profound, or moderate sloping to profound hearing loss.

  • Oticon Medical launches user community “Oticon Medical Friends”

    25. November 2019
  • The benefit of speech identification for adults and children with Neuro 2

    11. October 2019

    A recent scientific paper quantifies the benefits in terms of speech identification in quiet and in noise that Neuro 2 users experience

  • Royal visit

    9. October 2019

    The Royal Highness's, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have spent the last days in France in order to support the growth and position of Danish companies

  • Oticon Medical reveals future launch of next generation sound processor Ponto 4

    31. May 2019
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