Oticon Medical News

Oticon Medical news

  • Oticon Medical reveals future launch of next generation sound processor Ponto 4

    31. May 2019
  • The Neuro 2 keeps winning awards | Oticon Medical

    3. June 2018

    Since the Neuro 2 was launched on the market in February 2018, it has been sweeping up prizes because of its ground-breaking design in the cochlear implant industry.

  • Ponto 3 – The Definition of Power

    3. January 2017

    The most powerful family of abutment-level processors

    In bone anchored hearing, when it comes to audibility and understanding, power is everything. That’s why we are proud to present Ponto 3, the world’s most powerful abutment-level sound processor family. Ponto 3 gives you premium sound quality – even if you have a larger hearing loss.