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We understand the power of sound

When you choose Oticon Medical, you get the support of a world-leading hearing healthcare and technology group. We’re dedicated to changing people’s lives – and to supporting them every step of the way.

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who help us support you as part of the Demant Group


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of innovative sound processing heritage and decades of pioneering implant technology


Everyone deserves the best possible life with the hearing loss they have. And we’re committed to empowering people to overcome their hearing loss – with leading technology and lifelong support.

In collaboration with leading audiologists, surgeons and other hearing care professionals, we empower tens of thousands of implant users every single day. Helping them live full lives – now and in the future.


I feel more powerful with my Ponto and I feel the same as everyone else. But I now have special powers – Ponto powers.

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We’re known for pushing the boundaries of technology and challenging the status quo. We have vast experience in designing and developing innovative implant solutions and minimally invasive surgical techniques. All to help you achieve better hearing performance – with solutions that stand the test of time.

Being part of Demant puts us at the forefront of core technologies. This includes all aspects of sound processing, software design, wireless connectivity, audiology, BrainHearing™ and hearing performance. This expertise helps us change lives every day.


It was really mind blowing how full and rich the sound was. 

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We strive to give our users the best possible quality of life with the hearing loss they have. That is why our team of experts collaborates closely with university hospitals and leading academic research institutions, including Oticon’s renowned Eriksholm Research Centre.

Leading the way

Research in areas like BrainHearing™, cognitive hearing science, materials and implant sciences, audiology, surgical techniques, neural interfaces and tissue responses are at the heart of our work to improve our hearing implant technology.

Making a real-life impact

Collaboration keeps us at the forefront of research. It also enables us to assess our impact with real people in real-life situations. We work closely with patients and hearing care professionals, so every solution is designed with users’ needs in mind.


There were some words that previously were too difficult for me to pronounce. That is no longer the case.

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We have a burning passion to give more people access to the right treatment. The first step in removing the limitations of hearing loss is to get that access as soon as possible.


Opening up access

Right now, only about 5% 1,2 of people who could benefit from a hearing implant get treated. As part of a world-leading hearing healthcare provider, we’re actively working to change that.


Increasing awareness

In collaboration with hearing care professionals, we’re able to find candidates in need of hearing implants and make them aware of treatment and reimbursement possibilities.


The key to success

We also ensure extensive, ongoing support to all users and potential users. Because everyone should have access to the hearing solution and support that’s right for them.


Even if you’re scared, they’ll take you by the hand.

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Empowering people to overcome their hearing loss and live full lives is not a quick fix. It’s a lifelong journey of advancements, and we’re here to support our users and healthcare professionals every step of the way.

Your journey

In addition to keeping users up to date with the newest technology and best solutions, we develop tools that support people along their entire journey – from pre-operative evaluation to rehabilitation and beyond. 

In it together

We’re here for you, with access to a comprehensive global hearing healthcare community, supporting us in supporting you. Because overcoming hearing loss means choosing a partner for life – and we are in this together.


They’ve been just so supportive and positive about everything, the whole journey. It’s made it so easy. 

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