Oticon Medical launches user community “Oticon Medical Friends”

25 November 2019

Today Oticon Medical launches its user community, Oticon Medical Friends. Oticon Medical Friends is an online community for Ponto users as well as caregivers of children or adults who use Ponto.

Joining Oticon Medical Friends will connect you to other Oticon Medical users all over the United States with more countries to follow in 2020. You can share your Ponto experiences and ask others for advice and best practices. To top it off you will also have direct contact with Oticon Medical employees. 

Oticon Medical Friends has a series of features: 

  • Groups based on interests, device type and experience.
  • A library with downloadable articles and guides on how to make the most out of your implantable hearing device. These materials are exclusively available to Oticon Medical Friends users.
  • Direct messaging capabilities that allow you to chat directly with fellow Oticon Medical users.
  • First looks at new products and accessories
  • Exclusive offers and competitions

You can join the Community today by following the link below. All you need is the serial number of your Ponto.