Digisonic® SP cochlear implant

The highly reliable cochlear implants in the Digisonic® SP range enable surgeons to select the most appropriate solution for each patient, taking into account their cochlear anatomy, auditory nerve and any residual hearing.

Compact design for simpler surgery

The Digisonic® SP implant houses a magnet and receiver within a single unit made of ceramic and titanium. This monobloc structure makes surgery easier because the implant can be simply slid under the skin and fixed into place using two titanium screws1. Furthermore, as the procedure is minimally invasive, patients can benefit from faster healing times and greater implant stability. Once in place, the casing’s convex shape is designed to absorb any shock waves for greater impact resistance. 

The Digisonic® SP cochlear implant range can be used with two different proven electrode arrays to suit the patient’s anatomy. 

The implants are compatible with the Saphyr® neo collection sound processors. If you already have a Digisonic® SP cochlear implant, you may be able to improve your hearing performance by updating the sound processor. For more information, please contact your implantation centre or your local Oticon Medical representative.

The Digisonic® SP generation of implants is compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations at 1.5 Tesla2. 



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