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The open sound revolution and a future of connected hearing

Experience open sound with Ponto 4

Experience open sound with Ponto 4

Hearing aid users all over the world have already had their lives changed by the ground-breaking technology in Oticon Opn™. This is now available for the first time to bone anchored users with Ponto 4.

This unique technology gives constant access to 360-degree sound and lets the brain decide what to focus on.  It makes it easy to follow the dynamics of conversation – even in noisy environments - while accurately balancing background sounds and removing remaining noise. The result is a full and open soundscape.

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It opened up the world. I was able to engage again.
I went out to dinner with friends in a noisy restaurant. And although I heard the background sounds, I was able to speak across the table....

Barbara Abramowitz, Oticon Opn hearing aid user

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Ponto 4 open sound navigator

Introducing OpenSound Navigator™

OpenSound Navigator brings a paradigm shift in bone anchored hearing. It handles multiple speech and noise sources through a 360 degree always-open approach. This enables you to instantly capture and easily follow the dynamics of the sound environment. So you can focus on what’s important.

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Ponto 4 - Small on the outside - Powerful on the inside

The smallest bone anchored sound processor ever

Ponto 4 delivers the renowned standards of Ponto quality in the smallest size to date. It comes with full wireless capability and state of the art technology.
The sound processor has been thoroughly tested to meet high standards of durability and reliability.

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Ponto 4 is pure happiness

 Lone Mindbjerg,  Ponto 4 user

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Which Ponto 4 are you?

Ponto 4 - truly connected

World’s first truly-connected bone anchored sound processor

Featuring 2.4 GHz wireless technology, Ponto 4 can be connected to the wide range of devices in your everyday life. Using the Oticon ON App and IFTTT network, it is the world’s first bone anchored sound processor which can be connected to the internet. Everything from direct streaming of music to getting spoken notifications when you receive an email is now possible. 

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Ponto 4 - what is bone conduction hearing

What is bone conduction hearing?

This method of hearing uses the natural sound conducting properties of bone. The Ponto™ System is an implant system for bone conduction hearing that is designed to overcome the many challenges of hearing loss.

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