BrainHearing™ - Listening with less effort

The ears pick up sounds, but it is your brain that is responsible for turning these sounds into meaning, and making sense of everything you hear.

Conversations and brainhearing

Do you feel drained after conversations?

Sometimes listening is automatic and effortless.  At other times – especially with conversations and background noise, you need to concentrate and focus.  That’s because your brain has to work even harder to fill in the gaps. This extra effort you put in listening leaves you feeling tired over the day. 


What BrainHearing™ can offer you

BrainHearing™ is about developing hearing technologies that deliver the clearest and most undistorted sound in all kind of everyday situations - to support the brain in making sense of sound. This aims to make listening easier and free up mental energy so you can live your life to the full.

BrainHearing - make sense of sound
Your child deserves the best - Oticon Medical

Your child deserves the best

The Neuro system opens up the world of speech understanding, language and learning for your child – helping to thrive at school and build friendships. Incorporating the most advanced sound processing features that support BrainHearing™ - such as the speech enhancement system Voice Guard, Neuro 2 helps your child develop and learn by giving access to the richest and clearest sound experience. 

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Neuro 2 technologies supporting BrainHearing™

Built on the Inium Sense chip platform from Oticon, Neuro 2 uses a range of different BrainHearing™-guided sound processing features designed to give you maximal audibility and a more natural sound. What’s more, to make sure that you are always in the optimal listening situation, it automatically adapts between these technologies.


Environment detection

  • Oticon Medical unique icon

    Coordinated Adaptive Processing

    Automatically delivers the perfect balance of the different sound processing technologies that support BrainHearing™. Whatever the environment, Neuro 2 draws on the technology needed in that situation to enhance listening and speech understanding.

  • Free focus unique

    Free Focus - Directionality

    Keeps you focused on what’s being said around you. Additionally, the Speech Omni mode is designed to offer the brain more audibility and listening comfort in low-noise environments where you typically spend most of your time.

    Free Focus - Directionality

  • Wind Noise Reduction

    Wind Noise Reduction

    Automatically reduces wind noise so you can enjoy conversations outdoors.

  • Voice guard

    Voice Guard – Speech enhancement

    Protects speech against distortion and maintains the right volume level with soft voices audible and loud voices comfortable.

  • Voice track

    Voice Track – Noise reduction

    Shields against unwanted noise to make conversations easier and the listening experience more comfortable. 

Data shows BrainHearing™ works

Preliminary data collection indicates that Neuro 2 delivers better speech understanding, not only in the difficult conditions1, but also in low-noise situations where users spend most of their time2

  • Brainhearing 12 percent

    improved phoneme recognition

  • Brainhearing 70 percent

    of the time

BrainHearing - make sense of sound


Your hearing – Your health

Treating hearing loss is not only about hearing. It is far more than that!
Evidences suggest that for people with hearing loss, actively using a hearing solution helps reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia - as part of the ageing process – by improving communication and social interactions. BrainHearing™ is about providing hearing solutions designed to enhance your life and keep you in great mental shape.



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1. Monocentric data collection performed at the MHH Hannover Medical School in Germany in 2016 by A. Büchner et al.

2. Hoen, M., Neel Weile, J., Holmerg, M., Lunner, T. (2018). Oticon Medical BrainHearingTM – Helping the brain make sense of sound. Oticon Medical White Paper.

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