The Ponto System can overcome hearing loss from:


  • Ear canal & middle ear problems
  • Single-sided deafness
  • Atresia or microtia

For hearing loss in children and adults

If you find that conventional hearing aids don’t give you the hearing you need, a bone conduction system like Ponto may be the right solution. With Ponto, sounds are converted into vibrations that are sent through the skull bone directly to the inner ear. This method of hearing has benefited adults and children of all ages.

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Bypasses ear canal and middle ear problems

If your hearing loss is due to problems in your outer or middle ear, you may be a good candidate for a bone conduction hearing system like Ponto. Specifically designed to bypass any problems in the ear canal or middle ear, the Ponto System can offer you clearer, more natural-sounding hearing. 

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Are you deaf in one ear?

Being deaf on one side, also called single-sided deafness, reduces not only your ability to locate sounds but also your ability to follow conversations in noisy environments. Many people who suffer from single-sided deafness find that a bone anchored hearing system like Ponto helps open up the world of sound around them.

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With the sound processor, I ask a lot more questions in class because now I can hear the teachers.

James, conductive hearing loss and bilateral microtia

For malformations of the outer ear

The Ponto System has been able to successfully overcome hearing loss in cases of atresia—a malformation of the outer ear in which the ear canal is either missing or very narrow—and microtia—the abnormal development of the external ear. 

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For infections, irritation and draining ears

Sometimes hearing loss may be caused by chronic ear infections. Conventional hearing aids can aggravate this, as they physically block the ear canal and therefore increase the risk of irritation and reinfection. With the Ponto bone anchored hearing system, the ear canal is always left open, which helps to keep it dry and healthy.

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Always talk to your audiologist

You should talk to your audiologist if you think that you could benefit from a bone conduction hearing system like Ponto. They will be able to test your hearing and determine whether you would be a suitable candidate.

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