What is bone conduction?

Bone anchored hearing systems like Ponto are designed to use your body’s natural ability to transfer sound through bone conduction.

The Ponto System includes:

  • 310x310-BAHS-What-is-bone-conduction-abutments

    The implant system

    The implanted part is discreetly placed through the skin and lets you snap on the sound processor.

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    The sound processor

    The discreet yet powerful Ponto sound processor is worn behind the ear and converts sound into vibrations, which are then sent through the skull bone directly to your inner ear. Find out more about how bone conduction works

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    Use your Ponto with a wide range of accessories that let you enjoy sound from all your favourite devices. Or, you can personalise your sound processor with different skins and stickers. 
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Imagine being able to hear clearly

If you find that conventional hearing aids don’t give you enough sound, a bone conduction implant system like Ponto may be the solution. Ponto bypasses problems in the outer or middle ear by sending sound directly to the inner ear. If you suffer from single-sided deafness, Ponto can transmit sound to your hearing side. 

Find out more about types of hearing loss that benefit from bone conduction hearing 

Before, I was wondering if it was worth it. But it’s made such a huge impact on my life getting a bone conduction hearing solution

Louise, single-sided deafness


Give your child a great start

Hearing is an essential part of learning language, making friends and feeling secure. That’s why it’s so important for children to have access to the gift of hearing. The Ponto System has a range of features designed to support children in their daily lives.

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Try a Ponto

Both children and adults can try Ponto on the Ponto Softband, test band or headband. There is no need for surgery—just wear the Ponto on the band and hear the difference.

Find out whether you would benefit from Ponto

I tried the Ponto on a Softband for about a fortnight, and I really liked it. It was a big improvement for me.

Louise, single-sided deafness


Trusted by people everywhere

Hundreds of thousands of adults and children around the world rely on a bone anchored hearing system. As part of the William Demant Group, one of the oldest and largest hearing healthcare companies, Ponto users have access to the latest advancements in hearing aid technologies. 

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What makes Ponto sound quality so great?

Sound and hearing are always experienced in a highly individual way. But when we talk about what goes into the renowned Ponto sound, it can be broken down into three parts:

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    More loud and soft sounds

    This means hearing sounds at the volume they’re meant to be experienced at. At a rock concert, you want to hear sounds at a high volume; but if you’re listening to relaxing music at home, you want to keep it soft. Ponto sound processors have been designed to maintain this dynamism and give you a more natural perception of volume.

  • 310x310-bahs-solution-greater-range-of-high-and-low-tones

    Greater range of high and low tones

    The Ponto sound processors have the widest range of tones of all bone conduction hearing devices. That’s what enables you to hear the full spectrum of sound – from the deep roar of a lion to the tweeting of birds. This is known as a frequency bandwidth, and it’s particularly important for speech understanding.
    1. Linear comparison of data from manufacturers’ official data sheets. The perceptual performance has not been evaluated.

  • 310x310-bahs-clarity-without-distortion

    Clarity without distortion

    Ponto is designed to deliver clear and natural sound, without muffling, distortion or feedback. This clarity with fewer unwanted sounds translates into effortless listening, as the brain doesn’t have to fill in the gaps or try to guess what’s being said.
    2. Compared to system without frequency shift.


Better hearing starts with the brain 

The newest Ponto 3 sound processors support the brain to make listening easier and help make sense of the sounds around you.