Update on Oticon Medical BAHS and Ponto

21 May 2024

Following the sale of Oticon Medical's Cochlear Implant business (more about that below) we would like to reassure you that Oticon Medical will continue to develop bone-anchored hearing aids and provide support to you and your patients.


The Ponto 5 Mini and Ponto 5 SuperPower sound processors offer state-of-the art fitting and user experience, for hearing losses up to 65 dB BC. The MONO procedure continues to be the only truly minimally invasive procedure for BAHS patients. Ponto implants are compatible with other brands of sound processors, as they have always been. We believe patients should have a choice, not only at the time of the procedure, but throughout the entire hearing journey. We call it Freedom of Choice. And, very soon there is more to come – we are excited to bring our new active transcutaneous product line to the market this summer.


Oticon Medical continues to invest in the development of new solutions. Together with professionals around the world, we helped more patients than ever before in 2023. Our mission, working together, is to “help more people. We believe we do that by providing a full line of products, continuously improving each of them, including our non-surgical, percutaneous and active transcutaneous solutions. Both you as a professional and you as patients should have a freedom of choice, between brands but also between different product solutions. In this context, we have expanded our R&D and production capacity for the next generation of active transcutaneous bone anchored implants at our manufacturing site in Vallauris Sophia-Antipolis, France. We have also strengthened our bone anchored team in many countries to provide you with the support you have come to expect from us.


We would like to thank you sincerely for your continued confidence in Oticon Medical, our products and our dedicated team. Your support, cooperation and feedback are invaluable to us. We look forward to continue improving our Ponto system for many years to come, and we are excited to present our biggest product news in the bone anchored field to you very soon. Stay tuned!


René Govaerts

President, Oticon Medical



Some more information regarding Oticon Medical/Neurelec and our cochlear implant patients


We would like to inform you that the sale of our CI division to Cochlear is now complete and the well-being and future care for our cochlear implant patients has been secured. We are committed to handing over responsibility to Cochlear in a seamless manner, and Cochlear is committed to the Oticon Medical CI patients and their future. We look back on our collaboration and interaction with CI professionals and our patients with great fondness. Thank you!


Through Oticon Medical and Demant, we will assist Cochlear to ensure a smooth transition, supporting patients with continued access to repairs and replacements of current Oticon Medical cochlear implant technology.


In this transitional period, we will strive to support you with any questions you may have about the transfer of our cochlear implant business to Cochlear. Locally, the support might differ between countries in this period. Please refer to local communication in your country


If your device is still within its warranty period, there will be no changes to your existing warranty arrangement.


If you have not received local information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact using our form: