Working at Oticon Medical

Working at Oticon Medical

Three locations, one common goal

When joining Oticon Medical, you become part of a truly international team working on creating our market leading hearing instruments from three different locations.



This is our international headquarter. Here we work on both bone anchored and cochlear implants, but this site is also home to our marketing and sales department. We share the house with some of our sister companies and all in all more than 600 engineers work under the same roof here. In total more than 1400 people are working at this location.



Want to learn more about how you can be part of helping people worldwide by pursuing a career at our Smørum facility?
Watch the video with Søren Riis who is heading the Research & Technology department.

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Meet Soren from Kongebakken


Our location in Sophia Antipolis, close to Nice, is the epicentre of cochlear implant development in Oticon Medical. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, 230 employees constantly push the limit of what is technically possible to develop and manufacture what we believe is the world’s best cochlear implant system.



Curious to learn how you can do a difference in helping us develop the cochlear implants of tomorrow?
Our general Manager, France, Cedric Briand will tell you in the video below.

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Cedric Briand


The technology in our bone conductive line of products originates from Gothenburg in Sweden and a big part of the development naturally takes place here. More than 80 employees are working here to ensure that people suffering from dysfunctional outer or middle ear are presented with the best hearing instruments the market can offer. We are located in nice, roomy facilities in Askim outside Gothenburg – close to public transportation and shopping.



Watch the video to meet our colleague Sofia who will tell you how she and the team are making a true difference for people every day!

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Meet Sofie from Gothenburg

Our mentality: Every day in a life counts!

Everything we do at Oticon Medical is focussed at helping people with a profound hearing loss do the things they love in life – without any boundaries. 

We are super ambitious and want to develop and market the best hearing instruments on the planet. Nothing less!  That is why we put pride in continuously sharpening and developing the professional and personal competencies of our employees so everyone stays ahead of their game.


Inside the Oticon Medical family, we have an informal, humorous tone and a high level of trust and autonomy. We admire and value people who dare to think out of the box and speak their mind.

We love what we do, but also acknowledge that in order to bring energy and fresh ideas to work, you need to recharge with friends, family and hobbies in a healthy work-life-balance.

We are proud of our special culture, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our employees have to say