Recruitment process

Our recruitment process 

We strive hard to make the recruitment process a pleasant experience for all involved parties. Below you can see what happens when you apply for a vacancy with us:

  • Screening:
    Typically, our recruiters screen applications on a continuous basis, and you can expect to hear from us no later than 7 days after the official deadline stated in the job ad. If you have not heard from us, please check your spam filter.
  • Phone screening:
    Relevant candidates will be contacted by our recruiters for an initial conversation over the phone. This will take app. 10 minutes.
  • Round 1 interview:
    Duration app. 1 hour. Here you will meet the manager, the recruiter and maybe an employee from the department. You will be talking primarily about your professional experience, qualifications and skills. This is also your chance to ask all the questions you have about the job, the company etc. If you are a match for us – and we are a match for you – you will be invited for a second-round interview – typically within a week.
  • Round 2 interview:
    In this interview we focus on your personality and what makes you thrive in your working life. How are you around colleagues, what management style suits you, what fuels your energy etc. We will be structuring the interview around a personality test that you have completed online prior to the meeting. We will ask you about examples from your working life to make the discussion concrete. You will meet the recruiter and manager and we expect the duration to be app. 1.5 hours. 


If you have any question to our recruitment process, vacancies or similar, please reach out to our recruiters.

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