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Oticon Medical Webinars

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  • 310x310-neuro-2-fittings-gm

    Neuro 2 fittings with the Genie Medical CI fitting software
    Get introduced to the sound processing options available for Neuro 2 users and learn how to perform a first fitting with Genie Medical CI 

    Date and time: November 25th at 4 – 5 PM CET

  • 310x310-oticon-medical-supporting-you

    Oticon Medical – Supporting you through times of changing practice
    Introduction to the new web support pages for health care professionals

    Date and time: November 27th at 9 – 10 AM CET

  • 310x310-webinar-surgical-reasons-to-choose-ponto

    Surgical reasons to choose Ponto
    Tune in to expand your knowledge on the surgical possibilities and benefits of the Oticon Medical Ponto system 

    Date and time: December 1st at 9-10 AM CET

  • 310x310-the-brainhearing-journey

    The BrainHearing™ journey at Oticon Medical: Evidence beyond better hearing
    Understand what BrainHearing is for Oticon Medical and get the latest insights in clinical studies and evidence for both CI and BAHS


    Date and time: December 9th at 4 – 5 PM CET


  • 310x310-recorded-bahs-principles-and-candidacy-criteria

    What you need to know about BAHS Principles and Candidacy Criteria

    Understanding the technique behind the BAHS principles and how to calculate candidacy using the audiogram

  • 310x310-perfecting-your-ponto-fittings-record

    Perfecting your Ponto fittings – All you need to know

    Tips & tricks on how to do a fitting with Oticon Medical’s Genie Medical software

  • 310x310-cochlear-implant-candidacy-recorded

    Cochlear Implant candidacy: development through the years
    Get updated and see examples on how the implementation criteria for Cochlear Implants have changed over the years