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Introducing the MONO procedure - One step drilling for great outcomes

In this webinar the MONO procedure is described, followed by the experiences with the procedure presented by professor dr. Myrthe Hol, who already performed several MONO procedures in the University clinics of Groningen and Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


Ponto 5 Mini – the first style in our Ponto 5 family

Introducing the first member of the Ponto 5 Mini family. With new features at the edge of technological development and new firsts for bone anchored patients; the Ponto 5 Mini is packed with technology, featuring key improvements in feedback handling, signal quality, fitting and aftercare. Ponto 5 mini offers tangible improvements throughout the patient journey.


Principles on bone conducted sound

Join Stefan Stenfelt, the prominent researcher in this area, for a walk through the pathways of hearing by bone conduction and the implications for us clinically.


RemoteCare – All you need to know

Oticon Medical is excited to introduce Oticon RemoteCare: A secure, convenient, and focused solution for follow-up care.


Revision surgery after cochlear implantation

In the webinar Prof. Maurizio Falcioni, illustrates how to manage the difficulties encountered when performing revision cochlear implant surgery for medical reasons.



Join the Oticon Medical team to find out all you need to know about aftercare. We will walk you through the care required from the immediate post-surgical period, through the first weeks and on to living with Ponto.


Cochlear Implantation in patients with vestibular schwannoma
Professor Per Cayé-Thomasen will present surgical strategies, methods, and outcomes for cochlear implantation in patients presenting with a vestibular schwannoma


Ponto - made for clinical efficiency
A Ponto procedure is one of the least invasive hearing-related surgeries there is – tune in to hear the experiences of clinics who have adopted and adapted Ponto to meet their changing needs and those of their patients


Ponto Care App -
Helping to support your patients throughout their BAHS journey. An introduction to The Ponto Care App, two apps in one; A companion during the Ponto trial period, and continuous support after the Ponto has been fitted


Cochlear implantation for patients with single-sided deafness (SSD)
Tune in to get insights on the specificity of CI in rehabilitation of single-sided deafness and hear more about the benefits and the challenges of CI rehabilitation


Stimulation strategy of the Neuro system
Get insights on the main challenges related to cochlear implant stimulation and learn how the neuro system stimulates to deliver richer, more precise information to the auditory system and the brain


The Ponto implant system – features, benefits, and outcome
Expand your knowledge on the unique features and benefits of the flexible Ponto implant system with focus on the Ponto BHX implant and the family of abutments supporting different skin thickness


Benefits of Ponto 4 for the Pediatric Population
Understand why OpenSound NavigatorTM is the best solution for children, and see why the design and features of Ponto 4 are ideal for the pediatric population 


The BrainHearing™ journey at Oticon Medical: Evidence beyond better hearing
Understand what BrainHearing is for Oticon Medical and get the latest insights in clinical studies and evidence for both CI and BAHS


Neuro 2 fittings with the Genie Medical CI fitting software
Get introduced to the sound processing options available for Neuro 2 users and learn how to perform a first fitting with Genie Medical CI


Cochlear Implant candidacy: development through the years
Get updated and see examples on how the implementation criteria for Cochlear Implants have changed over the years


What you need to know about BAHS Principles and Candidacy Criteria
Understanding the technique behind the BAHS principles and how to calculate candidacy using the audiogram


Surgical reasons to choose Ponto
Tune in to expand your knowledge on the surgical possibilities and benefits of the Oticon Medical Ponto system 


Perfecting your Ponto fittings – All you need to know
Tips & tricks on how to do a fitting with Oticon Medical’s Genie Medical software


Oticon Medical – Supporting you through times of changing practice
Introduction to the new web support pages for health care professionals


The Ponto System – A few minutes to change your life
Understanding the technology behind the Ponto system


New connectivity possibilities with the Neuro System
The benefits of the Oticon Medical Connectivity offer


Wireless Connectivity Possibilities with Ponto 4
Tips & tricks to the wireless connectivity options in the Ponto 4