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By: Oticon Medical
Date: 1 August 2019

Since launch in 2018, the Neuro 2 sound processor is now making a difference to the lives of users in over 30 countries. With eight design awards under its belt and great audiological results, the Neuro 2 is a unique combination of small-size design and sound processing performance that is appreciated by both users and the design community. 

At the start of the design process, the Oticon Medical development team took time to fully understand the needs of users – of all ages and lifestyles. They combined this knowledge with the Demant group’s century-long history in hearing technology innovation to give the new sound processor the functionality required – but in a smaller size. 

The resulting Neuro 2 is a sound processor that has put functionality, robustness and comfort into the smallest sized sound processor currently available. Luuk van den Poll Thomsen, Senior Project Manager at Oticon Medical, sums up the goal of the project quite simply: "We had to make the best sound processor available in the market - in the smallest possible size." 


Award-winning and popular with users

While the design team are proud of the awards the Neuro 2 has won, they are even prouder of the results from the recent Neuro 2 study carried out with patients from nine French cochlear implant centres1. This confirms that the new sound processor meets user demands. After three months of Neuro 2 usage, 92% of the 62 patients were satisfied with the comfort and size and look of the sound processor as well as with the robustness of the antenna cable.  

Both adult and children rated the Neuro 2 with over 90% satisfaction on size and looks. Juul Thijssen a Neuro 2 user from the Netherlands commented, "It’s smaller, It’s lighter and it’s more comfortable around the ears." This is reinforced by data from the recent study that shows a wearing satisfaction rate of 87% for children and 93% for adults.


Design that doesn’t compromise performance

The study also tested the audiological performance of the Neuro 2 and it came out with excellent results. In the monosyllabic word recognition test1, a challenging audiological test, even in quiet conditions, the users achieved average scores of 67%, which is excellent performance compared to recent studies carried out with other sound processors in similar conditions. 

To find out more about the work that went into making Neuro 2 compact and robust without compromising on sound quality, click on the video 

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1. Franco-Vidal V, Parietti-Winkler C, Guevara N, Truy E, Loundon N, Bailleux S, Ardoint M, Saaï S, Hoen M, Laplante-Lévesque A, Mosnier I. (2020). The Oticon Medical Neuro Zti cochlear implant and the Neuro 2 sound processor: Multicentric evaluation of outcomes in adults and children. International Journal of Audiology. doi: 10.1080/14992027.2019.1671616.