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  • Successful 3rd International Symposium on Music and Cochlear Implant Research

    5. November 2021

    This event included talks from world-renowned scientists about cutting-edge research in areas of musical rehabilitation and training, brain hearing, multi-sensory stimulation, and innovative signal processing approaches.

  • The easy way to achieve perfect symmetry in bilateral implantations

    8. April 2021

    Two professionals describe how the Neuro Processor Indicator tool can support surgeons in their clinical practice when handling bilateral cochlear implantations

  • All eyes and ears - literally!

    13. January 2021

    New study on pupillometry and listening effort in people with cochlear implants

  • 87 year old proves long period without hearing is no barrier to Cochlear Implant

    17. December 2019

    Alberto Rossi from Italy lost his hearing at the age of 21 and lived without hearing devices for almost 60 years. Aged 80 he made the bold decision to receive a cochlear implant! This has opened up a world of hearing and given him a new lease of life.

  • Feel fully confident about the reliability of the Neuro System

    24. September 2019

    The latest reliability data have confirmed that both the Neuro Zti implant and the Neuro 2 sound processor have some of the highest reliability rates in the market.

  • The smallest sound processor in the market: Appreciated by users

    1. August 2019

    Since launch in 2018, the Neuro 2 sound processor is now making a difference to the lives of users in over 30 countries.

  • Neuro Zti implant designed for MRI

    8. July 2019

    The Neuro Zti implant is fully compatible with 1.5 Tesla scans with the magnet in place for both body and head scans.

  • Battery performance - another winning feature of Neuro 2

    29. May 2019

    In a recent study, more than 95% of users reported satisfaction with the Neuro 2 battery lifetime. 

  • Neuro 2 latest multicenter study shows plus 10 percent audiological performance

    1. May 2019

    The Neuro 2 cochlear implant sound processor represents the latest high-end offering on the cochlear implant market.

  • Proven and safe - the Neuro System unique screw fixation

    11. March 2019

    A clinical study of 150 patients concluded that this unique screw fixation surgical technique efficiently prevents implant migration

  • Three good cochIear implant surgical practices with the Neuro Zti implant

    1. December 2020

    This 3-min video shows how to handle and position the device, before fixing it. 

  • Local anaesthesia - An option for cochlear implantation

    24. November 2020

    Cochlear implantation is typically performed under general anaesthesia.