In bone anchored hearing systems, Ponto stands for outstanding sound quality

In bone anchored hearing systems, Ponto stands for outstanding sound quality

Ask a Ponto user about Ponto sound, and they will talk about natural sounds, great listening and easy communication. In fact, Ponto sound quality is so close to natural that Ponto users regularly tell us that they often forget they’re even wearing a sound processor.


No muffling, no dampening — just direct sound

To deliver the best possible sound, the Ponto uses Direct Sound Transmission. This means that it captures the sounds around you and transmits them through the abutment directly to the inner ear and onward to the brain.

Direct Sound Transmission prevents sound dampening – a common issue with magnet and softband systems. It also allows Ponto devices to reproduce a greater variety of sounds. Together with its advanced sound processing technologies, this is what creates the amazing Ponto sound quality users often talk about.


What makes Ponto sound quality so great?

Sound and hearing are always experienced in a highly individual way. But when we talk about what goes into the renowned Ponto sound, it can be broken down into three parts:

  • 310x310-bahs-more-loud-and-soft-sounds

    More loud and soft sounds

    This means hearing sounds at the volume they’re supposed to be experienced at. At a rock concert, you want to hear sounds loudly; if you’re listening to relaxing music at home, you want to keep it soft. Ponto sound processors have been designed to maintain this dynamism and give you a more natural perception of volume.


  • 310x310-bahs-solution-greater-range-of-high-and-low-tones

    Greater range of high and low tones

    Ponto sound processors have the widest range of tones of all bone conduction hearing devices. That’s what enables you to hear the full spectrum of sound – from the deep roar of a lion to the tweeting of birds. This is known as a frequency bandwidth, and it’s particularly important for understanding speech.
    1. Linear comparison of data from manufacturers’ official data sheets. The perceptual performance has not been evaluated.

  • 310x310-bahs-clarity-without-distortion

    Clarity without distortion

    Ponto is designed to deliver clear and natural sound, without muffling, distortion or feedback. This clarity with fewer unwanted sounds translates into effortless listening, as the brain doesn’t have to fill in the gaps or try to guess what’s being said.

    2. Compared to system without frequency shift.


Hear the difference

By using Direct Sound Transmission and sending sound directly through the bone to the inner ear, the Ponto system is able to capture a broader spectrum of sound and more of the louder and softer sounds. The animation below compares the sound quality achieved with Direct Sound Transmission, e.g. the Ponto abutment system, with the sound quality of skin transmission systems such as magnet and soft band solutions.

Hear the difference 

Use of headphones is recommended when listening to the animation.