The Oticon Medical Streamer offers a discreet solution for connecting with Ponto.

Connect wirelessly to all your favourite devices

The Oticon Medical Streamer offers a discreet solution for connecting with Ponto. The concept is easy – one device and one app to access and control the most important communication devices, looped environments, FM systems and much more. All without compromising power.

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When my family has gone to bed, I can carry on watching TV using the streamer, and the sound is transmitted to my sound processor so it doesn’t disturb anyone. I also use the streamer as a headset with my mobile phone when I’m in the car, which works really well. I’ve also used it with teleloop systems at concerts.

Torben, single-sided deafness

Oticon Medical Streamer - one point of control

One point of control

With the Oticon Medical Streamer, you get direct access to mobile phone calls, music and much more. It has a built-in telecoil and can also act as a remote control for the sound processor. No additional accessories are needed.


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More ways to integrate your life with Oticon On app

More ways to integrate into your life 

The Oticon ConnectLine accessories offer users access to better connections—with people, information and entertainment. 

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Save power for hearing with Oticon Medical Streamer

Save power for hearing 

The Oticon Medical Streamer streams the sound you want without draining the battery of your sound processor or compromising sound quality.

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 Oticon Medical Streamer

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The ConnectLine app allows you to control your Ponto and the ConnectLine accessories. The app for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch and Android™ devices is available for free on the App Store and on Google Play™.

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