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Neuro 2 is the smallest Behind-The-Ear sound processor ever made in the cochlear implant industry. It’s discreet and elegant in every detail and has already won several prestigious awards. 

  1. Extra slim where it matters
  2. Ultra-strong discreet cable
  3. Designed for all-day comfort 

Neuro 2 Design awards


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Neuro 2 lets you wirelessly stream clear sound from all your favourite devices.

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Watch how we test the sound processor

  • Water resistance
    1 metre for 30 min.

  • Drop test
    2 metres

  • Sweat, moisture and humidity

  • Extreme temperatures
    -40 °C to +85 °C 

  • Antenna cable pull
    35 N (3.5 kg)

Fully waterproof

Go swimming

Enjoy water activities with the fully waterproof Neuro 2 Swim Kit.

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Listening with less effort

Neuro 2 is designed to help your brain make sense of sounds, so that you can spend less energy listening and have more energy for living. 

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Oticon BrainHearing Technology



If you use an Oticon hearing aid with your Neuro 2, you will benefit from the maximal potential of each side, and a perfect match of sound processing technologies for a rich and truly balanced sound experience.  

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