Reliability report

Reliability report


Oticon Medical Cochlear Implant Systems Reliability Report, 2018

Cochlear implants have helped thousands of people worldwide. Most users wear their systems throughout the entire day. At Oticon Medical, we know that any device failure impacts our patients and their families; it can disrupt school or work routines, create frustration, and precipitate a decline in personal performance. That is why we work so hard to produce the most reliable devices possible.

As a cochlear implant manufacturer, we report device failures in accordance with the International Standard ISO 5841-2:2014 and the principles described in the European and Global Consensus on Cochlear Implant Failures and Explantations. 

Note: Oticon Medical imposes a strict reporting policy as part of its quality commitment, counting all devices removed for reasons unrelated to the implant.

All registered recipients across the world are included.