Repair, replacement and service

If you notice a failure or a decrease of performance with your sound processor, please contact directly your local Oticon Medical Customer Service for repair or replacement.   

In case of repair, Oticon Medical will lend you a sound processor during the time needed for the repair.
Your latest maps will be needed. If you have your map saved on a USB stick, it can be e-mailed to Oticon Medical so your loaner or replacement sound processor will come already fitted with your most recent programs. If you don't have the map, Oticon Medical will contact your audiologist for the latest one. Once your loaner or replacement sound processor is received, you can send your faulty one to your local Oticon Medical. This way you are never without a sound processor and you can always enjoy the world of sounds.

Please follow this three step guide to send your sound processor or its accessories in for repair.


Having problems with your sound processor or its accessories?

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