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We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Connectivity and our Swim Kit.* 

Please contact us  if your questions are not answered here.

* Please note that the Streamer XM and the Swim Kit are only for Neuro 2 sound processors.

  • Can I use my Streamer XM with Neuro 2 straight out-of-the-box?

    If this is the first time you are using a Streamer XM, you will first need to enable the Streamer XM feature. This takes just a few minutes but needs to be done with your CI audiologist on GMCI (Neuro 2 fitting software). Once it is done, you will not have to do it again, e.g. if you get an other Streamer XM.

    Note: Your Streamer XM will also be functional with other Neuro 2 from other users (open mode) if they have also activated the Streamer feature on the Neuro 2 fitting software. Therefore, in this situation, another Neuro 2 user may be able to use your Streamer  (as long as the accessories are already paired)

  • Can I connect/pair my Streamer XM to several accessories?

    Yes. Streamer XM can connect to up to five active wireless devices (2 phones, 1 microphone, 1 TV and 1 A2DP) and to an additional 1 jack, 1 T-coil, 1 FM.

    Active = powered on and paired.

  • Can I still change volume and programmes if these are disabled on Neuro 2 (e.g. for my child)?

    Yes. Streamer can be used as a remote control (without streaming) even if the volume and programme change are disabled on Neuro 2 (volume and programme change).
    Note: this is important for parents allowing to change programmes (via the Streamer XM) to next progressive steps while the child cannot do it on his own (because volume and program controls are disabled in Neuro 2).

  • Can I pair my Streamer XM with several TVs (selectme feature)?

    Yes you can. If you want to access two (or more) different TVs, you need two TV adapters, one for each TV. Then:

    1. Pair each TV adapter with your Streamer XM so that they are memorised by your Streamer XM.

    2. To switch between TV adapters, make sure you are not connected to any TV adapter (Streamer is turned on but not active, i.e. not actively streaming).

    3. Briefly press the ‘Selectme’ button on the TV adapter you wish to hear the sound from (a small round red button on the back of the TV adapter).

    4. The TV adapter is automatically connected and you will hear a confirmation beep followed by the sound of the TV.

  • Is the microphone a good solution for school?

    The Oticon ConnectLine microphone is more accessible than FM in terms of price and ease of use.

    However, FM and Roger systems provide a larger frequency bandwidth and thereby better access to all speech cues. This is necessary for a child’s speech and language development. Therefore, we recommend the use of an FM/Roger system for children at school.

  • Can I use the Roger X or FM receiver with Streamer XM?

    Roger X and FM systems (such as Amigo R2 from Oticon) use a Europin so they are compatible with the Streamer.  Just plug it in the Europin socket connector under the Streamer.

    Any questions related to using the Roger System should be addressed to Phonak.

  • 310x450-connectivity-faq-telecoil

    Both Streamer XM and my Neuro 2 have a built-in telecoil. Which one should I use?

    It is more practical with the Streamer (bimodal and bilateral).

    The Streamer XM built-in telecoil may be less sensitive to some interferences in specific environments. This may provide a better sound quality, however you can select the one you prefer.

    The battery consumption of Neuro 2 is similar for both systems.

    Press the AUX button for approximately two seconds to get the T-coil mode.

  • Is there a risk of another Streamer interfering with sound for my child at school?

    No. It is unlikely you will have any issues as only your child‘s hearing devices can receive commands and sound from the Streamer. 

    Note: this is why you don’t need to connect the Streamer to your hearing devices.

  • 310x450-connectivity-faq-accessories

    Which accessories are compatible with the Streamer for use in CI?

    1. Neck Loops*

    2. Protective skins*

    3. Power supply

    4. Charge cradle*

    5. USB cable


    Note: *available in 2 colours (black and white, dark and light grey for the neck loop)

  • Can I use my Streamer XM with my car multimedia system?

    No, you can’t. You can only connect a phone to your car multimedia system. If you want to listen to a radio and/or listen to your car's GPS, you can use dedicated web apps on your phone and directly stream to your Neuro 2 via your Streamer XM, previously paired with  your mobile phone.

    Note: In some countries you are not allowed to drive while streaming from your phone. Please check your country’s regulations.

  • How does Streamer XM identify and prioritise different devices?

    Streamer XM offers multiple possible connections to different types of Bluetooth device. Each connected wireless device has a unique Bluetooth fingerprint which enables the Streamer XM to identify the audio type.

    Streamer XM can also be connected with additional ConnectLine accessories (TV adapter, phone adapter, microphone) with a 3.5 mm jack and an FM receiver. The system is managed by the Streamer XM Auto Priority feature, which ensures that the correct and relevant audio source is always activated.

    Please note that a phone is always given the highest priority, i.e. an incoming phone call will automatically replace another streaming device. If you want to call someone while you are already streaming sound from another device, you just need to dial the number you want on your phone and the system will automatically switch to the phone mode.

    Note: Streamer XM IFU does not state these priorities in a simple way. After the phone, the cabled accessories (mini jack, FM) are the most important priorities. 

  • Can I use my Streamer XM bimodally?

    Streamer XM and the full ConnectLine accessories can be bimodally used if the other ear is fitted with either a Dynamo or Sensei SP Oticon hearing aid because they share a similar technology to Neuro 2. If this is the case, the sound will be streamed with one Streamer XM to both ears.

    If you are wearing a non-Streamer compatible hearing instrument on the other ear, you can either use two independent connectivity systems (running in parallel, e.g. Streamer and Neuro 2 and Exeed) or a bimodal T coil connectivity (like Artone solution).

  • What is the battery life of the Streamer XM?

    When turned on, the Streamer XM battery lasts for 10 hours with six hours of active streaming. Battery consumption will not change significantly if you stream from a jack, FM, TV or phone.

    If the Streamer is turned on and not streaming, it typically lasts for 60 hours.

    If used solely as a remote (i.e. when turned off, the Streamer can still be used as a remote), battery life is up to around six months.

    The battery should not be drained completely. Keeping the battery fully charged will prolong its capacity.

    Battery life expectancy is a minimum of two years (one year warranty), i.e. 720 charging cycles.

  • What are the main phone call functions handled by the Streamer XM?

    Reject call: briefly press the volume down button on your Streamer XM.

    Voice dial: your mobile phone must support hands-free Bluetooth profile and the voice dial feature must be activated. To activate the voice dial, briefly press the Streamer XM phone button, speak a filed name into the Streamer XM microphone and the phone will automatically dial the number.

    Redial: press the Streamer XM phone button for a few seconds and the last phone number will automatically be redialled.

    The ‘call waiting’ function is not supported by the Streamer XM. During an active call from the Streamer to the hearing instrument, there will be no indication that another incoming call is trying to connect.

    Other additional functions are described in the IFU in the ‘personalisation of mobile phone features’ section.

    Note: When the Streamer is connected to a landline phone via the phone adapter, the redial and voice dial functions will be deactivated even if the Streamer is also connected to a mobile phone.

  • Can I replace the Streamer battery?

    No. Only dedicated people from the group can replace it. If there is a battery issue, return the Streamer to Oticon Medical.

    This avoids any damage to batteries caused by untrained people, which can potentially result in batteries overheating.

    Note: no warranty will apply in case of trace of tampering (one year warranty).

  • Can one TV adapter be paired with two Streamers?

    No. Two Streamers cannot be paired simultaneously to one TV adapter. If two users (i.e with two Streamers) want to watch TV together on the same monitor (e.g. husband and wife CI users or brother and sister CI users), each of them will need a dedicated TV adapter (i.e.. in this case, two TV adaptors, each paired with one Streamer).

    Note: They will also need a splitter cable to connect the two TV adapters to the same TV.

    Note: One Streamer XM can be paired with two or more TV adapters (e.g. one TV in the living room and one in the bedroom). See  ’selectme’ feature.

  • Can two TV adapters be installed on one TV?

    Yes, two TV adapters can be used in parallel. This will require an audio splitter cable and for each TV adapter to be paired to its own Streamer XM.

    The splitter cable is not included in the packaging contents but can be purchased in any specialised shop. Technical requirements need to be checked in the TV manual (according to the connector type of the TV – TOS link or RCA).

  • Which devices can I use with Streamer XM?

    Smartphones - compatible with all IOS and Android phones and tablets

    Music accessory - MP3 player, ipod or other audio device if it supports Bluetooth A2DP profile

    Computer - direct connection if it is Bluetooth-enabled. If not, you can make it compatible with your Streamer XM using a USB dongle (BTD500 from Sennheiser – to be ordered from Oticon). 

    Landline phone - most of the analogue systems are supported (not digital phones) – with the ConnectLine phone adapter (no list available of compatible landline phones as there are too many models).

    TV - You can stream from your TV with Streamer XM using the ConnectLine TV adapter 2.0

    Microphone - Oticon ConnectLine microphone is compatible. Other microphones have not been tested

    Roger & FM - any FM receiver with a Europin connector (e.g. Roger from Phonak)

    Car and GPS systems - you can connect your Streamer through your mobile phone, which is paired to your car system. 

    Hearing instruments - Oticon Medical Ponto 3, Ponto Plus and with Oticon Dynamo and Sensei SP

  • What is the Swim Kit?

    The Swim Kit is a fully waterproof accessory that protects the Neuro 2 sound processor in water, or in humid and dusty environments. It is designed for Neuro 2 users of all ages. The soft Swim Sleeve and dedicated Swim Antenna protect the Neuro 2 and let you get completely wet without any concern for your sound processor while you stay connected with your surroundings during water activities.


  • Is the Swim Kit waterproof?

    Yes, the Swim Kit is fully waterproof and extensively tested. It provides full waterproof protection for your Neuro 2 at depths of three metres for two hours and it can be used in all types of water, for example in the sea, in swimming pools, in freshwater rivers, or at home in the bath or shower. It is also designed to withstand exposure to sunlight, sweat, high humidity levels, sun lotions, shampoo and conditioners. 

  • Which sound processor(s) is/are compatible with the Swim Kit?

    The Swim Kit is designed to be used with the Neuro 2 sound processor with a rechargeable battery attached.


  • Can I use the Swim Sleeve with my regular antenna and antenna cable for my Neuro 2?

    No, the Swim Sleeve must always be used with the dedicated Swim Antenna. This is easily recognisable as it is dark blue and marked with a waterproof logo. The special plug on the Swim Antenna cable plays an important role in making the Swim Kit fully waterproof.

  • Can I use any batteries with my sound processor when using the Swim Kit?

    You can only use rechargeable batteries to power the sound processor when using the Swim Kit. Zinc Air batteries cannot be used as they need air to work, which is not possible with the airtight Swim Sleeve.

  • What do I get when I order the Swim Kit?

    The Swim Kit comes with the Swim Sleeve, Swim Antenna, magnet, protective case, and different retention solutions for keeping your sound processor securely on the ear if needed (retention tubing, ear plug retention and thin safety line).  


    When you order, make sure you specify the antenna type and magnet force you use with your Neuro 2 so your Swim kit gets the same configuration. Spare Swim Sleeves and the other accessories can be ordered separately as needed. 


    Contact your local Oticon Medical customer service provider to purchase your Swim Kit or for any after sales service.

  • How do I use the Swim Kit?

    To use the Swim Kit, insert the Neuro 2 sound processor into the Swim Sleeve.
    Follow the Instructions For Use (IFU) carefully so as not to damage the Swim Sleeve.


    Then attach the Swim Antenna to the sound processor and close the sleeve lid firmly.


    The sound processor in the Swim Sleeve can be worn behind the ear as normal. To keep the Swim Kit in place – even during lively activities in water – there are three different retention solutions included with the Swim Kit. These are designed to help prevent the Swim Kit from being dropped or lost.


    For further information, read the IFU, watch the instructional video or read the Swim Kit quick reference guide.

  • When should I use the Swim Kit?

    The Swim Kit solution is designed to provide extended protection for the Neuro 2 sound processor when used in water. It protects the Neuro 2 at depths of up to three metres underwater for up to two hours, or in humid and dusty environments. The Swim Kit can be used in all types of water, such as saltwater, freshwater, chlorinated pools or soapy bathwater, so you can use your Neuro 2 in the sea, in swimming pools, in freshwater rivers, or at home in the bath or shower. 

  • Can the Swim Kit be used in a sauna or steam room?

    No, you should not use your Neuro 2 either with or without the Swim Kit in extreme temperatures, such as in a sauna or steam room. 

  • When should I change the Swim Sleeve?

    The Swim Sleeve is designed to be used for one year or 50 times, depending on which one is reached first. Always check the Swim Sleeve before and after use carefully. If you notice any changes to the sleeve material or tightness, stop using it and order a new Swim Sleeve.


    Note: If your Swim Sleeve was ordered over one year ago or if you have used the Swim Sleeve over 50 times and your Neuro 2 is damaged because of a water leak, the Neuro 2 warranty may be voided.

  • Should I use a specific Neuro 2 hearing setting when using the Swim Kit?

    Normally you don’t need to adjust the sound processor settings because Neuro 2 automatically adapts to changes in sound levels in the environment. The slight sound level reduction that the Swim Kit may cause will typically not require any special adjustments or changes in the settings. If required, you can adjust the volume manually to make sounds comfortably loud.


    Note:  you can also contact your hearing care professional who can create a custom program for you.

  • Can I go scuba diving with the Swim Kit?

    The Swim Kit can be used in all types of water at a maximum depth of three metres underwater for up to two hours. Scuba diving is therefore not recommended as depths may exceed three metres.


    Please note that even if you don’t wear your sound processor for scuba diving, your implant has a maximum operating pressure corresponding to a diving depth of 20 metres.

  • What if water enters the Swim Kit during use?

    It is highly unlikely that the Swim Kit would fail. However, if it does and water enters the Swim Kit, the Neuro 2 processor meets the IP68 standard for water and dust protection.


    This is the highest classification against water and dust ingress and will probably prevent it from being damaged. If you have followed the instructions for use that come with the Swim Kit and your Neuro 2 has been damaged following use, the sound processor warranty will apply. 


    In case of Swim Kit failure within the warranty period (one year or 50 uses, depending on which one is reached first), please return the faulty Swim Kit to your local Oticon Medical customer service provider for their help.

  • Can I wear the Swim Kit for a full day, for example at the beach or the pool?

    The Swim Sleeve and Swim Antenna are designed and tested for periodic use of up to two hours in water. However, occasionally, if you feel that it’s more practical, you can keep wearing the Swim Kit for a day at the beach or at the pool. 

  • Can I order the Swim Kit in different configurations?

    The Swim Kit comes in different combinations to match various needs. For example, there are two antenna types and nine magnet strengths. All combinations come with one antenna cable length and a silver coloured magnet, which best matches the Swim Kit design and is easier to spot under water. However, you can order regular magnets in any standard colour separately for use with the Swim Kit.

  • What type of cable does the swim kit have?

    All Swim antennas have an integrated 100mm cable to match all needs.

  • Does the one-year warranty apply to all items included in the Swim Kit?

    Yes, the one-year warranty applies to all items included in the Swim Kit, except the magnet which has a three-year warranty. For the warranty terms, please consult the Neuro 2 warranty certificate provided in the Neuro 2 packaging and on the Oticon Medical website

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