Saphyr® neo collection sound processor

The Saphyr® neo collection sound processor is designed to help users to understand much more speech in the most challenging environments. With its advanced sound processing technologies, it combines clear and comfortable sound with easy access to today’s wireless hearing systems.

The Saphyr® neo collection sound processor is designed to help users to understand much more speech in the most challenging environments.

Clear and comfortable sound

Recent clinical studies have demonstrated that the new CrystalisXDP sound processing system provides significantly1 better speech understanding in noise. CrystalisXDP aims to make listening easier and more effortless by amplifying quiet sounds so they become clearer and more audible, while softening louder sounds for more comfortable hearing.

The Saphyr® neo collection also uses Voice Track™ noise reduction technology to make conversations easier even in difficult situations, such as a busy restaurant with loud background music. It works by detecting background noise and then lowering its volume once the sound has become repetitive and constant.

Saphyr Neo - new wireless capabilities

Wireless capabilities

Television, music, mobile phones and computers have become a natural part of modern life. By using an induction loop system, Saphyr® neo collection lets you access your electronic devices and enjoy clearer sound through Bluetooth™ technologies.

If you need to access a sound system in a public place, its built-in telecoil lets you do so without connecting any additional device to the sound processor. With the direct auxiliary socket, it can also receive the most advanced FM systems on the market, like the Amigo from Oticon. This helps users who take part in classroom learning or workplace meetings.

Saphyr Neo - an improved design for greater performance

An improved design for greater performance

When you wear a sound processor every day, you want it to be comfortable. The Saphyr® neo collection has a rounded shape and an Easy Snap soft hook for immediate comfort and a secure fit behind the ear. Featuring premium-quality components, it offers a high level of reliability and robustness. The Saphyr® neo collection sound processor is available in seven colours ranging from bold purple to glossy white, with a number of shades that blend in with hair or skin tones.

Saphyr Neo - convenient and user friendly

Convenient and user-friendly

The Saphyr® neo collection sound processor can be adapted to your individual listening needs and can memorise up to four programmes. In addition, it has intuitive light and sound indicators that enable you to quickly see the remaining battery life or selected programme. These features can be set by your audiologist during your fitting session.

1. Bozorg-Grayeli, A., Bébéar, J.P., Guevara, N., Romanet, P., Gnansia, D. and Lavielle, J.P. (2014) Clinical validation data of VoiceTrack and Montava, M., Gnansia, D., Saai, S., Guevara, N., Philippon, B., Bébear, J.P., Lavieille, J.P. (2014). First clinical results on Crystalis XDP coding strategy, 13th International Conference on Cochlear Implant and other Implantable Auditory Technologies,18–21 June, Munich, Germany.

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