Digisonic® SP - made for MRI at 1.5 Tesla

The Digisonic® SP generation of implants is compatible with MRI examinations at 1.5 Tesla2.


3.0 Tesla MRI is contradicted

For further information on the specific MRI scanning conditions, please refer to the MRI checklist.



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    Instructions For Use

    Users of the Oticon Medical Digisonic® SP can be reassured that their implant will not stop them undergoing a scan of 1.5 Tesla.

    Digisonic® SP Instructions For Use

    Digisonic® SP Evo Instructions For Use 

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    MRI Checklist

    What do you, as a radiologist, need to know about performing an MRI on a CI user in order to get the best outcome?
    Oticon Medical has created an ”MRI Checklist” that provides practical and clear instructions. It takes you step by step through the process of conducting safe and efficient MRI examinations for patients implanted with either a Digisonic® SP or a Neuro Zti implant.

    Download the Neuro Zti MRI checklist
    Last updated February 20211*.

    Digisonic® MRI exam recommendations

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    Do you have any questions

    If you need any kind of support or if you have any questions related to MRI regarding one of your patients, do not hesitate to reach out to our team of MRI experts.


    Contact us


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2. Vincent, C., Ruzza, I., Vaneecloo, F.M., Dubrulle, F. Magnetic Resonance Imaging with the Digisonic SP Neurelec Cochlear Implant. European Archives of Oto-rhino-laryngology. 2008 Sept; 265:1043–6. 



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