Get wet and have fun

Enjoy a wide range water activities with the fully waterproof Neuro 2 Swim Kit


Fully waterproof Swim Kit for your cochlear implant

From splashing around in the pool to swimming in the sea, the Neuro 2 Swim Kit lets you take part in a wide range of water activities and stay in the water for hours.

The fully waterproof and reusable silicone cover is worn over your sound processor, so you can jump straight in with confidence. 


Splash... Play... Get soaked...

Whatever your age, the Swim Kit lets you enjoy water in a wide variety of situations. Children taking swimming lessons can hear their instructor, babies in the bathtub can hear their parent and outdoor enthusiasts can communicate with others during activities, such as sailing or rafting. Wherever it’s used, the Swim Kit allows you to still feel included and connected to your surroundings during water activities.


Jump into all kinds of water

With the robust Swim Kit, you can dive straight in without any concern for your Neuro 2, as it is waterproof down to three metres underwater for two hours. It can be used in seawater, freshwater, chlorinated pools or soapy bathwater.


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Quick Reference Guide


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About the Swim Kit

  • Compatible with both small and large rechargeable battery types
  • Each swim sleeve can be used for one year or up to 50 times, whichever comes first
  • One set includes two swim sleeves
  • Comes with a practical compact storage case
  • All three standard retention solutions included in the Swim Kit
  • Waterproof down to three metres underwater for up to two hours


150x150-ip68 Even without the Swim Kit, the Neuro 2 can withstand accidental exposure to water because it meets the tough IP68 standard for water-resistance. 


The Swim Kit can withstand exposure to:


  • 200x200-sun


  • 200x200-sweat


  • 200x200-humidity

    High humidity levels

  • 200x200-lotion

    Sun lotions


When things get lively in the water, you can keep the Swim Kit in place by using one of three different retention solutions.
These are all designed to help prevent the Swim Kit from being dropped or lost.

  • 300x540-retention-ear-plug

    Ear Plug Retention

    The Ear Plug Retention is placed inside the ear for extra security. 

  • 300x540-retention-tubing

    Retention Tubing

    The retention tubing comes in clear material for discretion and is adjustable for all ear sizes. Use it with all types of bathing suits.

  • 300x540-retention-safety-line

    Thin Safety Line

    This safety line provides extra peace of mind and is a good solution if you wear a one-piece bathing suit or a rash vest. 


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