The Oticon Medical MRI checklist provides the information needed to ensure a safe MRI examination for your patient wearing a cochlear implant. This includes both the Neuro Zti 3.0 Tesla and the 1.5 Tesla versions, as well as the Digisonic® SP.    

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Neuro Zti

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Neuro Zti

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Digisonic SP

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With the Neuro Zti 3T✓ implant, your patients can safely have an MRI scan with their implant in place. This applies both to scans at the most commonly used strength of 1.5 Tesla, and the more powerful strength of 3.0 Tesla.


What to tell your patients with the new 3T✓ magnet

  • Neuro Zti is MR conditional at 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla with the implant magnet in place
  • It is designed for a safe MRI scan
  • Hearing is maintained right before and after the scan
  • There is no time pressure The scan can last up to 60 minutes 
  • No head bandaging is needed
  • You can have multiple MRI scans

Design excellence in the implant magnet

The next generation magnet in the Neuro Zti 3T✓ implant is designed to be able to withstand the strong magnetic field of the MRI scanner. 
It is made of a unique composite of rare-earth metals that are also widely used in the aerospace industry. This innovative material, together with a specialised patented manufacturing process, has resulted in an implant magnet that is highly stable during MRI scans.


Stable, secure and safe

During the MRI scan, the Neuro Zti implant and magnet remain securely anchored to the bone thanks to the unique way they are attached. Even if the patient has multiple MRI scans, the implant and magnet will stay securely in place. 

  • Unique screw fixation system 
  • Smart snap-fit anchoring design

Safe for scans of up 60 minutes

With the Neuro Zti 3T✓, patients can safely undergo MRI scans lasting up to 60 minutes. This gives the radiologist plenty of time to run the optimal scan sequence.


Magnet removal is easy, if needed

If the patient needs a scan where the implant magnet can interfere with the image, for example during a head scan, it is quick and easy to remove the magnet. The process can be done under local anaesthetic with only a small incision required. 

Magnet removal does not damage the body of the implant and the procedure can be repeated as often as necessary if additional scans are required.

Watch magnet removal

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    Instructions For Use

    Users of the Oticon Medical Neuro Zti can be reassured that their implant will not stop them undergoing this type of scan  – regardless of whether it is a 1.5 Tesla or a 3.0 Tesla scan.

    Neuro Zti Instructions For Use

    Last updated March 20211*.

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    MRI Checklist

    What do you, as a radiologist, need to know about performing an MRI on a CI user in order to get the best outcome?
    Oticon Medical has created an "MRI Checklist” that provides practical and clear instructions. It takes you step by step through the process of conducting safe and efficient MRI examinations for patients implanted with either a Digisonic® SP or a Neuro Zti implant.

    Download the Neuro Zti MRI checklist

    Last updated July 20221*.

    For other language versions of the MRI checklist, please visit our Download center or use the search field

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    Do you have any questions?

    If you need any kind of support, or if you have any questions related to MRI regarding one of your patients, do not hesitate to reach out to our team of MRI experts.


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