Ponto Pro scores highest in independent test

Bone anchored hearing systems have developed considerably over the past year. In Copenhagen, Denmark, Rigshospitalet initiated and conducted a comparison study of Cochlear’s BP100 and Oticon Medical’s Ponto Pro. When compared with the BP100, Ponto Pro excelled in a number of key parameters, including speech intelligibility and ease of use. Out of 12 test subjects new to bone anchored devices, 8 declared a preference for Ponto Pro.

8 out of 12 preferred Ponto Pro

12 people had bone anchored devices fitted to their abutment for the first time. They were then asked to test the BP100 and Ponto Pro in their everyday lives — in random order — for an average of 34 days. At the end of both test periods, 8 of the 12 test subjects declared a preference for Ponto Pro.

Ponto Pro - significantly better speech perception ratings

Significantly better speech perception ratings

Based upon trials in daily environments, the test subjects rated Ponto Pro significantly higher than the BP100 when conversing with one person in a car and when listening to the TV or radio.

Ponto Pro scores best test reults in speech perception and user friendliness

Easier to use

In terms of handling, the test subject found changing the battery and adjusting the controls significantly easier with the Ponto Pro compared to the BP100.

About the study

12 first-time users of bone anchored hearing systems tested Cochlear’s BP100 and Oticon Medical’s Ponto Pro sound processors in random order. The test subjects rated the sound processors at the end of each test period. Each device was tested for an average of 34 days in the subjects’ daily environment. The sound processors were fitted according to the manufacturers’ fitting guidelines, and no fine-tuning was performed. The test subjects rated the sound processors at the end of each test period.

The study was initiated and conducted by Steen Østergaard Olsen, Henrik Glad and Lars Holme Nielsen, Research Laboratory, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark. The study was conducted with no outside funding or grants.

For the full presentation on the BP100/Ponto Pro comparison, visit www.dtas.info. (Click on “Årsmøde 2010” and follow the link to “Bone-anchored hearing instruments”).

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