Neuro One - built for better speech understanding

Discover Neuro One

Neuro One is the premium sound processor from Oticon Medical. Built for better understanding, Neuro One features:

  • Oticon technology inside
  • Breakthrough sound processing
  • Wireless capabilities
  • A comfortable and robust design

I used to wear Oticon devices. They always gave the most flowing and comfortable sound, and never left me tired. I didn’t doubt for a moment that if I was getting a cochlear implant, I wanted whatever Oticon made.



Safe, reliable and durable

All components in the Neuro One sound processor have been extensively tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards of safety and deliver the performance you need.

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Neuro 2 - designed for wireless living

Designed for wireless living

Television, music, mobile phones and computers are a natural part of modern life. Neuro One lets you access your electronic devices wirelessly everywhere you go.

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Neuro 2 - comfortable for all day use

Comfortable for all-day use

The rounded shape of the Neuro One fits naturally and comfortably behind your ear. The ergonomic design and Easy Snap soft hook keep your sound processor firmly in place, whatever you do.

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Neuro One - improved design for better performance

Choose your style

Available in a wide variety of colours, there’s a Neuro One for all tastes and personalities. Use a lively colour to make a statement or opt for the high-tech, modern look of a glossy white sound processor. If you don’t want to draw attention to your sound processor, select one of the colours that blends in with your hair or skin tone.

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Neuro 2 - proven technologies you can rely on

Proven technologies you can rely on

Thousands of users rely on the advanced sound processing technologies of the Neuro One sound processor. Wherever you go, it adjusts automatically to your listening situation so you can:
focus on the sounds that matter
avoid speech distortion
hear better in noisy environments
reduce wind noise when outdoors 

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Built for better speech understanding



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Having trouble with your sound processor?

If you are experiencing any issues with your Oticon Medical sound processor or if you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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