Choosing Neuro for your child

Early cochlear implantation is recommended in children to give them the best start in life. The Neuro System is designed to deliver a full sound picture and all the subtle characteristics of speech essential for language skills, so that children can enjoy hearing, speaking, going to school and socialising with others.


Designed for a future of sounds

The Neuro System delivers exclusive sound processing that opens up a world of sound and speech to your child. Furthermore, the technology used in the new Neuro Zti implant system is future-proof. This means that when your child grows up and new developments and technologies from Oticon Medical become available, you can be sure he or she will always have access to the best hearing experience.


The safe choice

Safety has been a top priority in the development of the Neuro System. The result is a device that can be used with MRI examinations at standard strength. Furthermore, when superior quality imaging is required, the magnet can easily be removed. 
The Neuro One sound processor also has a number of features that enhance safety, including: 
Implant recognition protocol to prevent any processor mismatch 
Battery door lock to keep out inquisitive fingers 
Self-check diagnostic function to easily check whether the sound processor is functioning optimally 

Choosing Neuro for your child - robust design


Children are not known for sitting still, which is why the Neuro One sound processor is reliable, robust and designed to withstand their high activity levels. Its features include durable cables, robust connections, shock-resistant shells and a hard-wearing repellent coating. Neuro One has also been subjected to numerous reliability tests that measure its ability to withstand falls and daily wear and tear.


Open up the world of communication

Children’s concentration levels at school are affected by their distance from the teacher and any background noise. To support children, Neuro One offers a direct connection to various FM systems available on the market, like the Amigo from Oticon. This system transmits what the teacher is saying directly to the sound processor. And as they get older, they can use an induction loop systems to enjoy wireless connections to TV, music systems, computers and mobile phones, using Bluetooth-enabled technologies.


Comfortable design

The Neuro One sound processor has a light andergonomic design with rounded shapes, for an optimal fit even on small ears. The extra-soft hook is available in different sizes to help keep the sound processor in place, and an additional holding system can be used for extra support during more lively activities. Available in wide variety of colours, there’s a Neuro One for all little personalities!


Designed with children in mind

Neuro One offers dedicated solutions for children, parents and caregivers. For example, the programme push-button and volume control can be fully deactivated, and special programmes can be added to meet your child’s ever-evolving needs. Additionally, the indicator light shows the status of the sound processor, battery level, and whether or not it is functioning properly. This is useful for teachers and educators.