Prepared for a future of sounds

The Neuro System opens up the world of sound

The Neuro cochlear implant system is designed to overcome severe-to-profound perceptive hearing loss and let you hear and take part in life. It comprises an external and internal part


Where sound meets design  

Neuro 2 is the premium sound processor from Oticon Medical that combines high quality engineering with a strong focus on sound quality and usability.

  • Extra slim where it matters
  • Designed for all day comfort
  • Attention to detail
  • Ultra-strong discreet cable

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Neuro 2 design awards

The cochlear implant was my only option. Without it, I would have stayed deaf. The results are great — both after the first implantation on the right ear, and the second one on the left ear.


Understand how the Neuro System opens up to the world of sound with an external and an internal part.

Choosing Neuro for your child

Early cochlear implantation is recommended in children to give them the best start in life. The Neuro System is designed to deliver a full sound picture and all the subtle characteristics of speech essential for language skills, so that children can enjoy hearing, speaking, going to school and socialising with others.

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I can now hear my egg timer and other sounds that I have never been able to hear before — it’s a big change. I would definitely recommend that other potential candidates get a cochlear implant.



Listening with less effort

Every day is made of challenging situations with conversations and background noise. This means your brain has to work harder to make sense of what´s being said, which can leave you feeling drained. That´s why it is important to find a cochlear implant solution that can reduce the effort you put in listening to have more energy to enjoy life. 

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Ready for technological advances

Hearing technology is constantly evolving, which is why the Neuro Zti  implant has been designed to support new sound processing technologies. This means that when new technology is launched to improve hearing performance, you will always be able to use it through an easy upgrade.

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Ultra-compact and powerful implant

The Neuro Zti implant is the industry’s most compact implant, designed to make surgery as simple as possible.

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