Step 1 - Troubleshooting sound processor or accessories

Before contacting your local customer service representative, you must determine whether the problem comes from your sound processor or from a faulty accessory (e.g. antenna, magnet, cable). 


1. Make sure you have a set of functional accessories (antenna, magnet, cable). You may need to contact your local Customer Service to order these accessories. Find the reference number to order an antenna, magnet or cable 

Sound processors

2. To help you check that the problem is not due to faulty accessories, you can start the sound processor troubleshooting process. Click on the link to follow the instructions for your sound processor: 
Troubleshooting Neuro 2  
Troubleshooting Neuro One 
Troubleshooting Saphyr® neo collection 
Troubleshooting Digi SP 
Troubleshooting Digi SP’K

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