Built to better understand speech

Neuro One is designed with the Coordinated Adaptive Processing system, which manages a number of advanced technologies to enhance listening and speech understanding. To make it easier to use, it automatically switches between these different technologies without you having to make any changes to your sound processor settings.

Automatically adjust to your environment with Neuro One

Automatically adjusts to your environment

Driven by an intelligent environment detection system, Neuro One’s Coordinated Adaptive Processing coordinates a full package of features and draws on the one needed to automatically adapt to the listening situation. With Coordinated Adaptive Processing, the Neuro One aims to ensure you are always in the best listening situation with access to maximum speech information for the most comfortable listening in all environments.

  • Focus on the sounds that matter with Neuro One

    Focus on the sounds that matter


    The Free Focus feature uses directionality to analyse your environment and automatically focus on the voice or voices closest to you. By fading out background sounds, it puts you in the best listening position and enables you to clearly hear what is being said around you.

  • Avoid speech distortion with Neuro One

    Avoid speech distortion


    The Voice Guard feature preserves the finer details of sounds that make it easier to distinguish voices. By maximising speech information, this helps you to better understand what is being said intuitively and effortlessly. Furthermore, if your sound environment suddenly changes, for example if a door slams, the Voice Guard feature automatically adapts to prevent distortion or discomfort while still protecting the speech signal.

  • Hear better in noisy environments with Neuro One

    Hear better in noisy environments

    To make conversation easier and more comfortable, the Voice Track feature analyses steady background noise and then lowers its volume. This improves the listening experience and lets you keep track of voices in noisier environments while allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings.

  • With Neuro One, you will enjoy the time spent outdoors

    Enjoy time spent outdoors

    Being outdoors can often mean that the wind interferes with your sound processor. With the Wind Noise Reduction feature, your Neuro One sound processor automatically adjusts to reduce wind noise, so you can continue to take part in conversations outdoors.

Building on proven performance

Neuro One uses many of the well-known processing features from the Saphyr® neo collection, which has been proven to provide significantly1 better speech understanding in noise compared to other cochlear implant systems. With the addition of new features and exclusive Coordinated Adaptive Processing, Neuro One is expected to offer even greater performance.



1. Bozorg-Grayeli, A., Bébéar, J.P., Guevara, N., Romanet, P., Gnansia, D. and Lavielle, J.P. (2014) Clinical validation data of Voice Track and Montava, M., Gnansia, D., Saai, S., Guevara, N., Philippon, B., Bébear, J.P., Lavieille, J.P. (2014). First clinical results of Crystalis XDP coding strategy, 13th International Conference on Cochlear Implant and Other Implantable Auditory Technologies, 18–21 June, Munich, Germany. 

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