Neuro 2 - 9 grams of pure reliability

9 grams* of pure reliability

It might be small and lightweight but the Neuro 2 is designed to be reliable so you can live life to the full. All features have been carefully designed to stand up to daily wear and tear – from the outstanding IP68 rating against dust and water to the ultra-thin reinforced antenna cable.

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The difference is in the details

  • Voice activated system check on Neuro sound processor

    Built-in voice-activated system check

  • Neuro 2 - Connectors in premium quality materials

    Connectors in premium quality materials

  • Neuro 2 - Ultra-thin aramid-reinforced antenna cable

    Ultra-thin aramid-reinforced antenna cable

  • Neuro 2 - Durable filter free microphones

    Durable filter free microphones

Neuro 2 - quality you can rely on

Tested, tested and tested again

All components of the Neuro 2 have been through an extensive testing programme so you can be sure they deliver the quality and hearing clarity you require.

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Over 50 different reliability tests

  • Neuro 2 - water resistance

    Water resistance
    1 metre for 30 min.

  • Neuro 2 - drop test

    Drop test
    2 metres

  • Neuro 2 - sweat, moisture and humidity proof

    Sweat, moisture and humidity

  • Neuro 2 - extreme temperatures

    Extreme temperatures
    -40 °C to +85 °C 

  • Neuro 2 - antenna cable pull

    Antenna cable pull
    35 N (3.5 kg)

Long battery life

You can choose from three different battery options to suit your needs and lifestyle. With disposable batteries you’ll typically have over three days of power.
The rechargeable batteries comes in different sizes and will give you enough power for a full day.

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Neuro 2 - long battery life
* With the small rechargeable battery