Neuro One — Built for better understanding

Using Oticon’s advanced processing technology, Neuro One combines the latest advancements in hearing instruments and cochlear implants. With a number of automated features, innovative sound processing and wireless capabilities, it gives you high performance and is comfortably easy to use, so that you can enjoy better hearing and speech understanding in all aspects of your daily life.

No matter where you go, you should be sure that your sound processor can deliver the sound you need. With Oticon’s advanced technology, the Neuro One sound processor is able to analyse your surroundings and automatically adapt to new listening environments. This makes it easier to understand speech, so you can take a more active part in your daily life.

Find out more about the advanced sound processing technologies used by Neuro One in the links below:

Coordinated Adaptive Processing

Oticon Inium chip technology

Free Focus directionality

Voice Guard speech enhancement

Designed for living

Television, music, mobile phones and computers have become a natural part of modern life. Neuro One lets you access your electronic devices and enjoy clearer sound through induction loop system providing Bluetooth™ technologies.

Easy to use and built to last, Neuro One is designed to be a reliable aid that meets the highest standards of safety. And to meet your personal style requirements, the Neuro One comes in a variety of different colours.

Neuro One - comfortable design with many styles