Wireless capabilities

To meet the challenges of communicating in today’s fast-paced world, the Neuro One is designed to support wireless communication. With an induction loop system providing Bluetooth® technologies, you can enjoy clearer speech and sound sent directly to your sound processor when you talk on the phone, listen to music or watch TV. 

Television, music and computer

With an induction loop system providing Bluetooth® technologies, Neuro One can connect to your TV, stereo system or computer. Once connected, it provides better and clearer sound at the volume that suits you. It can also be used with Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones to provide high quality sound, even in situations with background noise.

Phone and personal audio devices

The Silhouette system is a discreet, hands-free solution that works with the sound processor’s built-in telecoil. It can be used to enjoy clear sound quality from your music player, or for a hands-free conversation on your mobile phone.

Cultural and leisure activities

The Neuro One features a built-in telecoil that can be used with all induction loop systems without the need for an additional device plugged into your sound processor. It is compatible with the induction loops used in most large venues, such as those in places of worship, lecture halls, theatres, cinemas and other public places.

Classroom and learning situations

Thanks to its direct auxiliary connection, Neuro One can be used with the most advanced FM systems available on the market, such as the Oticon Amigo. By transmitting the speaker’s speech signal directly to your sound processor, the FM system helps provide better speech understanding and makes learning situations easier.