Sound processor accessories

The Neuro 2 comes with a wide range of practical accessories for everyday performance, comfort and care.
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Neuro 2 accessories

Jump in and get wet

The Swim Kit* provides full water protection for playing and swimming.
Just slip the elegant water protection sleeve onto your Neuro 2 and you’re ready to jump straight in.

Neuro 2 swim kit
  • Elegant and smart
  • Use with any rechargeable battery
  • Suitable for freshwater and seawater



Neuro 2 details



Neuro 2 - outstanding battery life

Outstanding battery life

The Neuro 2 has a range of battery options to suit all lifestyles. Use the small battery for complete discretion and power for a full day at work or school. Or use disposable batteries and you’ll typically have over three days power.


Spare parts

  • The magnet is available in several strengths and in different colours.


    The magnet ensures the antenna is held in place on the skin above the implant. It is available in several strengths and in different colours.

  • Neuro 2 - antenna cable

    Antenna cable

    The antenna cable connects the sound processor with the antenna and comes in different lenghts and colours.

  • Neuro 2 - ear plug retention

    Ear Plug retention* helps securing the sound processor on the ear without the need for a custom mould.

  • Clip for wearing Neuro 2 on clothes

    Clip for wearing Neuro 2 on clothes for sport activities and kids playing

  • Safety Line prevents drop and loss of one or two Neuro 2

    Safety Line* prevents drop and loss of one or two Neuro 2s or hearing aids.
    Thin Safety Line* 

  • Neuro 2 - Hooks for children and adults

    Hooks for children and adults. Designed to fit all ears.



Use the Oticon Medical Streamer and wirelessly connect your Neuro 2 to all your favorite electronic devices

Stream clear sound

Use the Oticon Medical Streamer* and wirelessly connect your Neuro 2 to all your favorite electronic devices, including Bluetooth-enabled devices and looped environments. You can also use it with an FM system or a microphone to get your teacher’s voice streamed straight to your sound processor. To remotely control your Neuro 2 or the sound coming from your electronic devices, just use the Oticon Medical Streamer or the free ConnectLine App* that is compatible with all phones.


Care and maintenance

Neuro 2 - Desiccation Drying System

Desiccation Drying System

Protects the sound processor against perspiration, humidity and changes in temperature. 
Daily use is recommended

Neuro 2 - protective case

Protective case

Store your sound processor safely with its antenna and antenna cable. Ideal for carrying in a handbag. 

Neuro 2 - care kit

Care kit

This kit contains several tools for the use and care of the sound processor

Neuro 2 - tamper tool

Tamper tool

This tool is used to unlock the battery module, the rechargeable batteries and the antenna cable


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* Related to an upcoming product release. Availability is subject to a CE marking, local registration and commercial availability. More information on local availability can be obtained from your local Oticon Medical office