Designed for durability

People with a hearing loss rely on their sound processor to take part in life. At Oticon Medical, we understand this responsibility and have thought through every detail of the Ponto so it won’t let you down.

  • 310x310-BAHS-solutions-sound-processor-nano-coating

    Nano coating

    A special nano coating offers resistance against water, moisture and dirt. Ponto sound processors have been awarded IP57 classification for resistance against dust and water.

    Please note Ponto sound processors are not waterproof. Please remove your sound processor while showering or bathing. 

  • 310x310-BAHS-solutions-sound-processor-smart-battery-management

    Smart battery management

    This system is designed to optimise performance with all quality batteries – including new mercury-free zinc air batteries. It also provides a warning well in advance of the battery needing replacement.

  • 310x310-BAHS-solutions-sound-processor-coupling

    Wear-resistant coupling

    Ponto’s strong metal-spring coupling easily connects to the outside of the abutment and is designed to withstand daily connection and disconnection without impairing sound quality.

Made to last

In our testing labs, we subject the processors to the stresses and strains they meet in real life situations. From heat and humidity tests to drop tests, the labs simulate a number of scenarios and tests so the Ponto can meet the highest requirements.

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Quality you can trust

The Ponto family of sound processors complies with the international standards of quality, safety and reliability. In addition to meeting international standards, we’ve also used feedback from users all over the world to make improvements to the Ponto features. For example, we know users want a long-lasting battery, which is why in Ponto it lasts up to six days.